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Monday, December 22, 2008

Go to school

Lynn's child care center will be closed for 2 weeks, starting 22 December 2008 until 2 Jan 2009. So Lynn will be going back to the playschool on 5 Jan 2009. As me and hubby still need to work during these 2 weeks (we are on contractual basis, do not have so called 'clearing annual leave' like other people), I'm sending Lynn to my mom (luckily still have some one to help take care the kid). I forgot to mention to Lynn that the school is closed and she will be going to po po's house. Luckily she did not make much fuss to get down from the car when reaching my mom house. However every morning, she keep on asking my mom "Go to school". Well, with just about 2 months plus in the playschool, she started missing it. Of course, there are so many fun activities and friends there. I think it's a good start. Hopefully when she are old enough to enter kindy and then primary school, she will continue enjoying school life. :)

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