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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A big lesson learn

Just about 2 months ago, my car was being hit by someone from the back. It was not our fault at all (all cars were waiting in the roundabout). We got the name and mobile number from the lady who hit us. At first the lady told us report to the police. Then she called up hubby and requested us not to report to the police, as she did not want to claim the insurance. She said the car that she used was her friend's car. She asked to send the car for repair, tell her how much it cost and she will pay us back.

I think probably only me and hubby, that we are kind person will believe what she said. We decided to trust her. Thus we did not make any police report. Few weeks later when I was able to take some time off from work, I sent my car to the workshop for quotation. The whole thing was quoted at around RM2k. We told her the price. It actually took us quite a while to get her on the phone. I was worried that she will not agree to pay. After knowing the cost of repair, she said it was equivalent to her 2 months salary (can you believe this? ) and she requested to pay us in 4 installments, that is RM500 per month. She also requested to start paying in subsequent month as she just paid her friend who lend her the car. We had chosen to trust her again. Later we sms her our bank account number (as she had requested so that she can directly bank in the money into our account). Everything looks good.

Last month, we called her up asking when she will make the payment. She said she will pay it later and sms us after she had banked in the money into our account. However after 1 week, there was still no news from her. We tried to call her on her mobile. And this time, for few weeks, we did not manage to get her. We always get "the person that you have called is unavailable" from her mobile.

Now we regretted to have trust her. If she did not agree to pay, I may not proceed with the repair. RM2k is not a small amount. Especially at this time, we need money to purchase some insurance for Hao. Moreover CNY is coming soon. All require money to spend. Well, this is an expensive price to pay for something that was done in good intention. Both me and hubby were too soft-hearted. :(


sting said...

oh dear I so sorry to hear that! especially when you trusted that person. did you take any photos of the dent? maybe can try to report to the police now and see if the police will accept? if they accept then can use the report to get your insurance to deal with JPJ and get their insurance agent to pay... hope it works well in the end...

Daddy said...

Aiyoh. So sorry to hear that. I also the same. Whenever I had an accident, I always lost out more than the compensation. Dispatch boy knocked me and said got only RM50. Pity him and took the RM50. The paint job cost me RM550! Slap head....

TH said...

this is terrible. My sis car got hit and the guy just hit and run. :( the cost is not much $200. Compare to yours. I think you must report police!!! Even it is passed just report saying she promise but now missing.

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