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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good and cheap!

Due to the holiday seasons and long weekend, finally I received the photo from eoe Online on Tuesday noon. Of course first thing I do is to unpack and view the photo! Oh they are gorgeous! All photos are nicely put in photo album, and the quality of the photo is so good! I did not expect the photo that was taken during Lynn's concert will come out such good. I was sitting rather far from the stage, so I had to zoom in a lot to capture her. When I viewed it from the pc, it does not look very good. But the actual print out is just amazing. And they are using Kodak paper some more. My colleagues took a look at those photo also. All of them said the quality is good and RM 0.30 for 1 photo in 4R size is a good deal!

So what are you waiting for? Go visit eoe Online, besides photo printing, you can also shop for your digital camera from them. Details of the product, camera review are available. You can also join as their member, create and share your own photo gallery, photo album or even send photo greetings to your friends! If you are a good photographer, you can also join their photo competition. And their latest highlight is the Blogger's Review Program II. What you need to do is very simple. Just write a review of them, then you can get 50 photos printed for free! And stand to win the Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00! Yes, this is not joking. I have already got the 50 photo printed for free. And now I'm hoping of getting the new camera, as the existing one has become not reliable. :)

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