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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Magical moments in life - Part 1

1st Magical moment in my life - Pregnancy

Those mommy out there, who had gone through pregnancy process themselves, will understand what I'm saying.

Getting to know that you are pregnant with a new life inside your stomach, indeed was a very happy moment and exciting, with the exception for those who do not wish to have baby at that time, could be not prepared, not ready yet or not yet married.

When I was young, I always wondering how the pregnancy like. I could not imagine it as I had never experience it before. However since I like kids, I always looking forward to have my own child one day when I grow up and get married.

I was always hoping to have a baby before age 30. I got married at the age 29. Not too long after married, I got pregnant. As it was my first pregnancy, in addition I had been looking forward to it since I was young. So I was very very exciting. I

I read a lots of about pregnancy, child birth and babies. To me, it was amazing at how a new life can grow inside my stomach. Every pregnancy is unique and no one else can share the same experience as you do. Even though the baby belongs to both me and hubby, but he could not feel what I was feeling. He could not feel the movement of the baby moving inside your stomach, kicking you, having hiccups, somersaults, etc. It was these moments that I feel so close to the baby, as he was part of my body. Yes, not excluding all the discomfort in the body. However It was just temporary. The moments of joy had replaced all the discomforts. I could not stop talking to my baby, singing to him, playing with him, telling him to be good. The bond between us were so strong. And when I see my stomach was getting bigger and bigger day by day, getting heavier and heavier month by month, mean the day to meet the baby was getting closer and closer. Until today, I'm amazed at how the human body work in creating and supporting the new life in our body.

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sting said...

It's amazing isn't it how a life can be formed in a mother's womb? :-)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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