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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strong and healthy pregnancy

Lately, many people in the office fall sick. Flu, cough, sore throat and even fever are the common illness. Lynn was having flu last weekend too. Luckily it was just a mild flu and she recovered very fast within few days. This is the beauty of fully breasyfed child - stronger body. My dearest hubby is sick too. At first he was having flu, then cough. He has been absent from work on last Mon - Wed. And now the pleghm in the lung made the things get worse on last Saturday and now he even got fever last night. So these 2 days he has been resting at home too. I was so worry about him. Hope he will recover as soon as possible.

Despite all the viruses surrounding me, I'm still strong and healthy! (touch wood!!!) When I was expecting Lynn, whenever someone in the office fall sick, especially flu, sure I will get it later. I was so frustrating with the frequent flu and sore throat. And have to visit the gynae for medication. So what make me stronger and healthier now? The only different that I have done for this pregnancy compared to last pregnancy is I'm taking the supplement not given by the doctor. Since early of last year, far before I conceived, I have started taking supplement from a trusted brand. So despite people surrounding me falling sick, despite have to work extra hours 3 times in a week for more than a month, I still feel good. Well, occasinally I did feel tired, but this is normal. After taking some rest, I'm back to normal again. And compared to last pregnancy, I'm taking much less MC now! I have tried just take the supplement given by gynae and skipped the other supplement. Just only 2 days, I started feel very tired and had very bad back pain. Back pain is a sign to me that my body is tired and I need rest. So I quickly resume my normal supplement intake. And I feel normal again!

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