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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Morning sickness

Compared to the first pregnancy, the morning sickness that I have in this second pregnancy is almost similar, except the appetite is different. Usually people said different sex (first one is gal, and this one is a boy) usually has different symptoms. Anyway, this is not the issue to me. Now I'm approaching 5 months of the pregnancy, I'm still having some of the morning sickness!

When I was carrying lynn, the morning sickness kicked in around Week 7 went away approaching 4 months. And this time, the morning sickness kicked in a bit later around Week 8-9 (that time I thought I won't be having morning sickness but it seems like it was too early for me to feel happy) and till now, I still experience some of it.

The other thing is I have sleeping difficulty this time too. If I wake up in the middle of the night e.g. to go to the toilet, I will have difficulty continue sleeping after that. Or I will wake up very early, let say 5am, 6am and then I have to get up because I can't sleep already. However this has been improving lately. Yesterday I met up with another friend, who is also expecting. She is also having the same sleeping difficulty problem as me. However when you see the new life is born, all these uncomfortableness is nothing at all.

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