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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Having fun time at the playground

I brought Lynn to the playground nearby my house in the evening before her dinner time. She was one of the children to reach there early. Very soon, we saw other children some join the fun and activities in the playground.

There are slides, swing and see-saw in the playground. Before she even reach the slides, she's already murmuring "wan, wan" (want to play) and pointing towards the slides. You can imagine a reaction of a small little girl that can't wait to have some fun time.

Now Lynn is taller than the last time she played the slides. So definitely she enjoy it more. After the slides, we went to play the see-saw. While sitting on the see-saw, she keep on looking at other children playing the swing. And say "yao, yao, yao" (swing). So after she has enough fun on the see-saw, I brought her to the swing. She didn't really know how to sit on the swing yet, but she is trying. After the swing, she went back to play the slides, then the see-saw, then the swing, and this was repeated again and again. I noticed other children are doing the same thing too - never engaged in one game for long. They keep on changing as well. So everyone take turns to play different games at the same time.

Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera along with me. Else I can capture the moment Lynn is having fun time. She enjoys herself so much and keeps on smiling at me. I feel very happy too seeing her so happy. We spent about half an hour in the playground before we went home. Lynn actually still does not really want to leave yet. However her diaper is full and need to be changed. I told her that we can come again the next day.

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