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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tiring weeks

Everyone in the house fall sick end of last month, after CNY. At first was hubby not feeling well. He has been affected by the gall stone problem since long time ago. However sometimes it get worse and make him feel very uncomfortable. He has been waking up in the middle of the night to go toilet etc. And due to this, my sleep has been interrupted and resulting me not having enough sleep.

Just when hubby was getting better, Lynn fall sick. She started having fever on Wednesday night and vomitted twice. Well, when a child is sick. They will be more demanding, especially to the mommy. I have no choice to let her sleep with me. I was worry as she refused to take the medicine. Lynn couldn't sleep well. She woke up crying after about an hour later. This time I took the opportunity to feed her the fever medicine.

We didn't take her to the doctor the next morning. She has stopped vomitting. I passed the fever medicine to the babysitter and asked her to call us if Lynn condition is getting worse. At night when we went to pick her up, Lynn still having fever. But no more vomit. She had no appetite and she had milk most of the time. The fever did not go up very high, just stay mild. However the fever did not go away for the next few days. She was also having flu and blocking nose, which made her could not sleep well at night. Keep on crying in the middle of the night.

As for myself, due to continuous lack of sleep for the whole week. I had becoming weak too. And finally on Friday, I had to take MC off from work as I was having fever too. I lost the appetite to eat. Whatever things that I had eaten I will vomit it out later. Yes, this is bad for me especially I'm expecting. It was a torture for me feeling hungry, and yet no appetite to eat. I ate very little during that few days with the fever with me. And due to my own sickness, I really don't have much energy to take care of Lynn. Hubby decided to leave Lynn with babysitter on Friday night so that I can get a good rest without worry about taking care of Lynn.

On Friday, Lynn vomitted again. She also vomitted few times at night after go to bed. So the next morning, we quickly took her for the doctor. Unfortunately, the regular child clinic that Lynn has been visiting is closed for a week. We had no choice but to go another child clinic. It was a long wait and finally it was Lynn's turn. She was making noise as she was sleepy. And after taking the fever medicine for few days, Lynn becoming not like to take the medicine anymore. I had no choice but to force her to take the medicine. She cried whenever we tried to feed her the medicine.

Finally after taking the antibiotic, Lynn has no more fever. However her appetite has not been getting better and she still vomitting. Poor Lynn, she had lost some weight due to the sickness. No more chubby face for her. As for me, my appetite has not been getting better too, even though finally I had no more fever on Sunday afternoon. However I started to get sore throat and blocking nose on Sunday too. Immediately I know I'm getting that from Lynn.

Lynn finally was recovering though her appetite still not good. She only resume taking porridge on following Saturday. And on the next Monday, she was fully recovered and resume her normal food intake. As for me, it took me more than a week to fully recover. It had been a very tiring weeks for me, as if I had gone to a battlefield to fight.

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