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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing WoW

For the past more than a year, I have been hearing hubby and colleagues talking about WoW (World of Warcraft). Hubby has been a die-hard fan of WoW since he started playing the game slightly more than a year ago. As for me, I used to play another online game with him, until Lynn was borned. Due to the breastfeeding schedule, and also need to take care of the her, I have stopped playing online game with hubby. Also, WoW require pc with better specs, as we only have 1 pc with better specs, so it is impossible for 2 people to play together at the same time.

However now Lynn has grown up. She will be 2 years old this year. So I'm thinking of trying WoW, before the second baby is out. Hubby help me get started. We decided to share on same the account, before we get another new pc. Well, it is not as difficult as I thought. I played Warcraft 3 with hubby before. That is tougher. As I'm not good in this kind of strategic game, and always having problem controlling multiple characters at one time. But for WoW, I only need to control one character at one time. And it is kind of fun and some of the quest are quite challenging. I gotto learn to read the minimap, get know to the direction, places, people etc in the game. Luckily, I got hubby here to help me out and get me more familiar with the game. I actually becoming enjoy playing it. And now we are always talking about getting another new pc so that we can play together, how we can help each other in the game, and the guild also. Hubby set up his own guild end of last year. The guild is his baby. And he is proud of himself in the game as well as the guild. So how can I miss all these fun and excitement with him?

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Kit76 said...

Mmm... yeah. Not much blogger friends who are into MMOs?

Hmmm... I do feel kinda proud of myself. Its hard not to when my in-game activities are a direct reflection of my ideals and beliefs. For example one of my guild rules is strictly no profanity. So its really child friendly; there is even a parent child team in my guild.

And its not a hardcore achievement based guild. Its cool. Its a good way to bond with children and allow them to see what makes a good community (when the time comes). :)

Top 3 three demographic groups in my guild are:
1st - teens (what else?)
2nd - parents (See this!!? Lol)
3rd - young adults (most players from this group leave guild to join the hardcore guilds when they reach levelcap)

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