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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enjoying the special moment

Starting 4 months, I can feel the baby movement already. The kicks are getting stronger approaching six months of the pregnancy. This boy has different preference compared to Lynn last time. When I was still expecting Lynn, Lynn likes to kick more to the left side of the tummy. And she loved to do stretching a lot. As for this baby boy, he is more to the middle and right side of the tummy. And he didn't stretch much. However he has stronger kick compared to Lynn. Maybe because he's a boy, so naturally stronger?

Anyway, I started talking to him more, telling him that he is a good boy, he is mommy's strong boy, he is papa's champion, sing songs to him, listening to soothing music and enjoy the special moment with him. As this special moment will be gone once he has come out. Last time after I have delivered Lynn, I missed feeling the kicks in my tummy. :) I also try to play with him too. Maybe just starting, so he's still not very responsive though. But I will keep playing with him whenever possible. I used to play with Lynn too in the first pregnancy. Lynn is a playful girl. I'm not very sure if my this action cause her to be a playful girl. Anyway, it's fun! Now my tummy is getting real big now. Much bigger than the first pregnancy.

Soon will be the next check-up appointment. I can't wait to meet my baby boy! Hmm... not sure how he will look like.

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