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Monday, January 21, 2008

My pregnancy journal

This is my second pregnancy. When I was having my first pregnancy, I was always reading other people's pregnancy journal. However I never intend to start any for myself. Now when I'm having second pregnancy, I realized some of the things I have forgotten whether do I get it on the first pregnancy or not, or when I should expecting the same etc. So I decided to write a pregnancy journal for myself this time.

The second pregnancy is coming earlier than expected. Me and hubby did talk about want to have 2nd child, however just when we wanted to start planning on it, the baby comes. :p At first I was wondering why the monthly period didn't come. I even go to the gynae to get medicine for the period to come (the doc did a pregnancy test before giving me the medicine. The results was negative). However after finish taking the medicine, still not come yet. So I went to see the gynae again. And this time the pregnancy test returns positive.

It was really a surprise to me. But at least I'm not having any tumor or whatever that cause the period didn't come. :) And before that, I have eaten lots of watermelon, those 'cool' stuff that people said should not take during the beginning of the pregnancy. Thanks god, everything is alright. And I passed the first trimester safely.

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