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Monday, January 21, 2008

Trip to Genting Highland - Day 2

I woke up very early in the morning, at 7.30am. I have forgotten to off the Alarm as today I'm off for work. Anyhow, I cant go back to sleep. So i woke up, take my time to clean up myself, took a hot bath. Just I have finished getting myself ready, about 8am, Lynn woke up. Just the right timing.

The bathtub of the hotel room is faulty. After taking a nice hot bath, I cant get the water to drain off. What a stupid bath tub. No matter how hard we tried, it just not working. So I had no choice but to bath Lynn at my parent's unit. Luckily it was just the next unit.

We took a walk at the Awana resorts surroundings before we went back to the room to had our simple breakfast. Then we headed to the Awana Skyway station. Dad wanted to take the skyway to Genting. Poor lynn, as we didn't bring along the stroller (hubby think it will not be easy to move around with the stroller), she was tired and sleepy and yet she wanted to enjoy every moment. Well, you can imagine how a sleepy child will react. We all take turn to carry her, calm her down when she made fuss.

Finally we reached Genting at close to 12pm. So it's time for lunch. We went to the Star Box to had a lunch karaoke. Lynn continue to make fuss, but then after she got tired, she finally took a nap on the sofa.

After lunch, we went to the Indoor Theme Park. We bought an unlimited ride adult ticket and an unlimited ride children ticket for hubby and lynn. This was the first time she went to the Theme park and her very first ride was the Carousel.

She did feel scare at the beginning for the first few rides, but then after a while, she's ok with it and started to ask for more! So for the rest of the rides, she took twice for each ride. Luckily for each ride she just asked for one more. Well, I missed the fun with her this time. As I'm pregnant, I don't really feel like taking any ride, so I didn't buy any ticket for myself. So hubby accompanied her all the way. And hubby told me she was asking where is mommy. I feel bad hearing this. I should have shared her fun and joy together with hubby.

After finishing all the rides, it was already late evening. And it was raining outside. So we decided to had our dinner there before coming back to KL. We reached home at about 8pm (hubby took a wrong turn after the toll, so we took a longer time to reach home). I quickly unpack all the thing and get Lynn to bed. She was actually already sleeping in the car on the way home, after a tired afternoon at the Theme Park.

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