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Monday, January 21, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Some people already start asking whether am I going to have a boy or girl. Last Monday after we come back from Genting Highland, I asked my little lynn whether inside mommy's stomach is 'Di di' (means younger brother) or 'Mei mei' (means younger sister) and she told me is 'Di di'. For me, I think it's a boy as I notice the shape of the stomach is slightly different from the first pregnancy when I was carryinng Lynn. Some people said by looking at the shape of the stomach can tell whether you are having boy or girl. I'm not very good at that by looking at the other pregnant lady, but I think I still can differentiate mine.

So the next day evening, I went for the routine check-up with hubby. On the way going to the clinic, I asked hubby whether want to know the sex of the baby or not. I was already in 15 weeks, so can know the sex of the baby already. Hubby said yes. So I asked the baby, whether he/she wants to tell daddy and mommy whether it's a boy boy or girl girl or not.

We waited patiently at the clinic for my turn. About half an hour later, it was my turn. Doctor first scanned the baby's head, body and then he asked if we wanted to know the baby sex. And then the next scan was showing baby's 2 thighs, and very clearly tell the sex of the baby already. "Oh, it's a boy!" hubby shouted happily. And Lynn, you are right! You are going to have a 'Di di' soon in the mid of the year!

Now I got to start thinking for his name. Last time it took me quite a while a get a name for Lynn. So this time I'm going to start the thinking process early. Hubby is so excited that the next day, he spread the news to almost everyone in the office.

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