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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A quiet weekend

Normally weekend is busy days for me. Busy attending needs and demand from the kids. Lynn will demand for sweets, biscuit, cold drinks etc throughout the whole day as she hardly gets to eat those foods during weekdays. This strict mommy here has a rule that is no sweet and biscuit at night before going to bed as it is bad for the teeth. However, this weekend the house is quiet. My parents wanted to take Lynn to the park on Saturday. So Lynn was staying overnight at their place on Friday night. And the whole weekend Lynn will be with them and my brother family.

Without Lynn around, the house is quiet. No one is shouting or running around. No one is complaining. But still can hear the crying sound. It’s from Hao. :) He’s still with us. He cannot walk by himself yet, and he’s still on breastfeeding. It won’t be easy for my parents to take care of him for long period without me around. Therefore, he did not get to go to the park with his sister.

I took some time in the afternoon, taking Hao along to visit a friend who has just delivered a baby boy mid of last month. So hubby gets some time for himself to do his things that required some thinking process. To me Hao is not difficult to handle, especially now he’s becoming less dependent. He can play by himself there. However, he gets bored faster without his sister around. Then he will come over to me or hubby, looking for someone to play with him. I’m still able to get sometime to do my own thing. That’s why I get to write for a bit, which normally I did not get to do so during weekend.

Hmm… enjoying my quiet and peaceful weekend at home.


reanaclaire said...

Great weekend for u, ya? relax and having a quiet time at home, blogging.. .:)

little prince's mummy said...

Lynn is ok to sleep with ur parents? good~~

Oliveoylz said...

really admire u breastfeeding till now...realised hao will be 1 yrs old nice to have ur parents look after lynn occasionally.

cheeyee said...

Claire - Yeah, a great weekend for us. :P

Little prince's mummy - Yes, Lynn is ok to sleep with her po po. This is not her first time. :)

Oliveoylz - Yeah, nice to have extra pair of hand to help out with the kids. Also good for Lynn. She get more attention with my parents there without the baby. :)

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