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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bye Bye Astro

Finally, I have canceled the Astro subscription, after subscribing to it for more than 4 years. AXN and AEC used to be my favorite channel, before AFC was added to the Family package about 2 years ago (if I remember correctly is 2 years). But then, we started to watch TV less. We spend most of the time on the internet rather on TV. Internet become part of our live. :) Our children do not glued to the idiot box too. They watch only if we are watching with them together. Even if I put on their favorite Baby Einstein and then go to do cooking in the kitchen, it won't work. They will follow me to kitchen too. In the past, Lynn will ask us to turn
on the Disney Playhouse Channel. But nowadays most of the time she asks for the Baby Einstein DVD instead. I can calculate how many times in a month, we are watching the Astro program by using one hand. :) Since we are not watching, with the price of the subscription is increasing, we have decided to cancel the subscription to save the money for something else. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Will you hate your own children?

Sorry for my long absentees. I'm still around. Just that some things happened in real life and made me thinking a lot recently.

A friend of mine told me he is depressed. He lost count of how many times; his parents mentioned that they hate him. I'm shock to hear this from him. He's just 14 years old. An American. If not mistaken, his father works for the army. Not quite sure what his mom is doing. He has an elder brother, 1 year older than him. I'm not sure what made his parents say that to him. To me, he's a smart kid. I get to know him from online games. I know his elder brother too. Both are helpful, generous kind of people. I know another guy (from online game too), 27 years old, Australian, having depression too. Same reason - due to parents. He has depression since quite a number of years back, at early twenties. His parents did something that made him have to hide from the people around him. He moved to another town eventually. Due to depression, he can't work. He has no much friend in real life too. He wishes to have accompaniment. But he thinks girls won't want to go out with him. I'm not too sure how he can survive living without going to work. He's helpful. But he's moody and sensitive too.

Well, I really cannot imagine, what can the child have done to make the parents hate them? No matter how naughty are Lynn and Hao, the angry I am, but I'm just getting angry. I don't hate them. Alright, maybe sometimes I will feel like strangulate them to death. Lol. But it is relating to the actions that they have done, not the emotion side that I hate them. To me,
"Hate" is a very strong word. And we should not simply use it. I believe, if you don't want a child, then should not make them come to this world. Whether it is being intended or accident, once you have decided to bring them into this world, you have to responsible for their well being. We should raise them well, educate them, teach them, guide them, protect them, and not hurt them, hate them. That is not something a parent should do. Lots of time, because of them, I have to reconsider my decision and my actions.

Well, this is just my two cents. I'm not the
parents of my two friends above. Obviously I don't know what has happened and why their parents are doing so, and I definitely not in the position to judge them. I just wish my two friends there, able to let go, move forward and be happy for the remaining of their life. They are stil very young, aren't they?

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