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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last minute shopping

Last week, I found that both my flat shoe and my sports shoe need replacement. So I need to get a new pair of shoe before the Chinese New Year. If not I have to wait until CNY is over before I can shop for the shoe. I try not to buy any shoe during the 15 days of CNY. Some Chinese pantang buying shoes during CNY, as they believe it will bring you bad luck. Me and my mom don’t know how true it is. But she always avoid buying shoes during these 15 days. One year, not sure why, my mom bought a pair of shoe during these 15 days of CNY. And that year my mom was really bad luck. So since then, she would not buy shoe anymore during CNY. So I guess, it will be best for me not buying any shoe during CNY too. Don’t know how true it is but I don’t want to take any risk! I don’t want to have bad luck!

I also need to get a new purse. Existing one the strap is almost coming off long time ago. I could not find any that I liked during my last shopping trip many months back. My mom told me that there is sales at Parkson. And she saw there are quite a lot of the shoe designs that she think I will like it. So yesterday after work, me and hubby went to the nearby Parkson at Bandar Park Old Klang Road to do our last minute shopping, without the kids. :D

We first passed through the handbag and purse section. So I stopped by and found a purse that I liked. Ooh got 50% discount – Great. :) Next we went to the ladies shoe section. Wow lots of selections available. Shopping become so easy without the 2 kids around. I can browse around slowly, trying out the shoe to see if it looks nice on my feet (if Lynn is around, she will also take some shoe from the shelves and put on herself. As if she’s the one buying! LOL! ) Hubby also was looking around, trying to spot any pair of shoe that he thinks might look good on me. If kids are around, he will have to help keep an eye on the kids, or take them for a walk (so the kids won’t disturb me). He won’t be able to pay attention shopping together with me. And he will also getting tired taking care the 2 active kids, thus he will be more likely looking forward to go home than shopping. So I was really glad that no kids were with us! :D

Surprisingly I managed to get myself 2 pairs of shoes from there. Normally I don’t manage to buy shoe easily. Either don’t look good on my feet, no size for me (especially during sales), or not comfortable to wear. In the past, I had to run few places before I managed to buy a pair for shoe. My last purchase of the shoe was 2 years ago while I was pregnant with Hao. :S

Next we went to shop a belt for hubby. He also needs a replacement for his old belt. That was purchased probably 2 years ago too. Hahaha! Both of us are not the shopping type. We also don’t bother to get CNY clothes. We went to pick up the kids from my parents house after we were done with the shopping. Oh yeah, I managed to get myself a short knitted jacket too on the way to our car. :D


These are the things that we have bought


Got a free gift from buying the shoe. A small notebook.


Alice Law said...

Wah~! Your shoes look so comfy, my type of shoes too~!

I can't figure out how long I didn't shop with my hubby already (without the kids)... perhaps a "decade" long! Really miss the moment...

cleffairy said...

I just dun understand why ppl must buy new things for CNY. =( Waste money, rite? *sigh* Your shoes look comfy, my type of shoes too!

Alice Phua said...

I myself have not bought things for myself for a long time already after giving birth to my son. My most recent purchase was a pair of working shoes at Nichii Warehouse Sale to replace my current one that is wearing out soon.

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Your type of shoe too? *High Five* Hehe Go find a chance get soemone looks after the kids and go dating with ur hubby! :D

Cleffairy - Your type of shoe also? *High Five* Well, we need this kind of ppl to keep the econ up. If everyone like us, not buying thing one, die lor. :)

Alice Phua - Sounds like all mommy after got kids only buy things for self when need replacement. Hehehe!

Mummy to QiQi said...

i agree with the part shopping with kids. now i have 3, lagi jialat! unlike u, my kids have no place to go, except sticking to me all year long :(

mNhL said...

Never heard of the pantang of buying shoes over CNY. Luckily hubby bought a new pair of working shoes yesterday (which was after the 15 days of CNY). phew ... !

cheeyee said...

Mummy to QiQi - At least you still have maid here to help you. And I bet you don't shop alone with them. :)

mNhL - Oh, this is due to the shoe's pronunction in Cantonese "hai" sounds not nice.

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