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Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo Tag

I was tagged by Alice Law from My Little Sprouts. The game is to look in your first photo folder from either Picasa or hard drive for the 10th photo, tell a story about it, mention the blog that tagged you, and tag five other blogs.

This is the 10th photo from my Picasa album, but not the first album as first album does not have 10 photos. :) So I choose the first album that has at least 10 photos inside and take the 10th photo from there.

This picture was taken during CNY of year 2009 at my MIL house. It was Hao's first CNY. He was about 7 and half months old at that time. This is his first collar shirt. Look too big on him? Hehe this kiasu mommy here was getting the size for Age 1-2 for him. Hahahaha! As we seldom go out, I don't want him become cannot fit into the shirt just after few washes. So I purposely get a bigger size. He still can fit into that shirt now after 1 year. Looks just the right size now. And I think he still can wear it for a while more. :D

It is difficult to choose just 5 people to tag to. So I think I just make it open to anyone - all are welcome to participate in this photo tag game. :)


reanaclaire said...

hi...I did this tag too.. at least something to talk about.. :0

smallkucing said...

me too...did that also

I also buy "baju" that is larger so that can wear longer :p

Alice Law said...

Hao looks older than his age in that collar shirt... or perhaps he really look matured?! I also bought my kids all the super size clothes, you are not "kiasu" lar, just don't want thing to be wasted mar~!;)

Have a nice day!

cleffairy said...

Like Alien's clothes u sent to me. Kakakakka...I dowan do the tag, very lazy. LOL..

cheeyee said...

Small kucing & Alive Law - Haha, I think most mom do the same thing - buy bigger size clothes for the kids. :P

Cleffairy - This is a different cloth... the one sent to u looks much better. :)

mNhL said...

Eh...I buy bigger size cloths for my kids can wear longer. And I don't prefer to buy long pants because they grow tall very fast and waist grow very slow. so 3/4 is the best choice. haha....

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, you got a great looking kid there.
Bet he's a real cute feller by now.
Psssst, when you going to give him a baby sister to fight with, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

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