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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My very first perfume was bought when I was 20 years old. I was making a trip to UK by myself and on the way back to KL, I bought this Clinique's Happy from the duty shop in Singapore. Ever since then, whenever I have chance to travel to overseas, especially Europe, I never fail to buy some perfumes back home because they are so much cheaper. I like the scent of the perfume. It makes me feel good and refreshing. Even my 4 years old daughter found the perfume smell attractive too; "Mommy, you smell very nice!"

Perfume is a luxury item to me. I would not buy it unless I really like it so much and within my budget. Other than the nice smell, the shape of the perfume bottles can be attractive too. I remember I wanted to buy this perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier so much because of the perfume bottle. It is a crystal ball with a lovely female doll in black evening dress inside. My other favorite perfume bottle is from Moschino. Since most of my perfumes are bought in overseas, looking at each of them reminded me where I have visited. Some perfumes are limited edition, some could be no longer available in the market. Thus perfume bottles make great collectibles. There are many types of perfume bottles - antique perfume bottles, vintage perfume bottles, new and stylish perfume bottles, in crystal, in glass, in many beautiful and decorative styles. I think getting one of these beautiful crystal perfume bottles make a perfect Christmas gift for my perfume lover friends.


Alice Law said...

Oh yes, little girl loves the smell of perfume, Juan Juan always pesters me to apply some on her clothing too!^-^

Crystal perfume bottles would be a prefect X'mas gift for you, gonna hint to your hubby ASAP now(X'mas is right at the corner liao)!;D

Small Kucing said...

ya i love all those cute perfume bottle too

prince n princess mum said...

Very long time no use perfume d....

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, I have learned from girlfriends as well my wife and from experience, some perfumes linger on a woman, some don't.

Some can be overpowering. The scent, I mean. I have gone dancing with women and some of them their perfume made me seasick or giddy.
I love those with very subtle, floral scents....

One of my all time favourites, no no longer around was 'Avon's here's my heart'. And 'memoir cheri'.
You have fun, best regards, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Chee Yee, if you like to listen to oldies songs as well X'mas songs, tune in to our Toronto radio station. Its 24 hours with listeners Worldwide. Only on your computer.

I listen to this whole day, love the oldies as well to know about the weather, any snow and how cold.
You'll be listening to what I'm listening too.
Let me know if you do. Best wishes, Lee.

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Hahaha we don't celebrate Christmas so no Christmas gift. :)

Small Kucing - Cute but not cheap wor.

Prince n princess mum - Time to put some perfume then. :)

Uncle Lee - Ya same perfume may not go well with everyone. Have to find one that suit you.

I like oldies and Christmas Songs. Unfortunately I can't listen to the radio station that you mention. Probably something to do with office firewall. :(

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