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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Charming Pirate vs Strong Panda

We seldom visit cinema. Mostly just about 2 to 3 times in a year. Both kids do not really like to watch movie. They don't mind sit in front of the TV watching the same Dora or Sleeping Beauty or Barney or other children programs again and again, but not on watching movie that last more than an hour. Usually approaching 60 minutes, they will start telling me to change to another one. So it never comes across us to bring them to cinema. Since not taking them to cinema, means if me and hb want to go for movie, we have to arrange someone to take care the kids. Putting the kids with my parents while both of us go for dating is something that I like to do. I feel guilty about it, instead of taking my parents to cinema, I leave them with responsibility to take care my kids. So we only go to cinema to watch those movies that we really like to watch from big screen.

However early of the year during CNY, we watched Kung Fu Panda at my parents' house. Surprisingly the kids enjoyed it a lot. So I guess maybe it's time for me to bring them to the cinema. Thus early last month when I know that Kung Fu Panda 2 is going to show in the cinema, I told hb we must bring the kids for it.

So 2 weeks ago, we had a chance to visit the cinema. I did not manage to make any booking online. So I expected to wait long on the queue. However to my surprise, they have a priority lane for online booking and Citibank card holders! One family was at the counter and there was nobody queuing in that line! So I happily went there to wait for my turn. And very soon it was my turn. :) Citibank is running a promotion to its card members now - buy 1 get 1 free ticket for weekend show. And weekdays show only cost RM10. However cannot book online, must come to the counter to buy the ticket yourself to enjoy the discount and this is for TGV only. I got 4 of us 2 adults' tickets and 1 child ticket. For 3 tickets I paid RM21 only. Feel so happy! Hehehe. Oh btw, we were not watching Kung Fu Panda 2. Only first row left and the next show was quite late. So I gave Lynn 2 choices - 1. We go home or 2. Watch Pirate of the Caribbean (hb told me earlier of the week that he wanted to watch this movie). I'm sure you can guess what she will choose. ^_^

There was more than 1 hour before the movie. We went to have our dinner, and we even had some time to hang around book shop. Before entering the cinema, I told both of them that it has very big screen inside cinema, and it may be a bit loud. They cannot make noise, cannot tell me halfway they want to go toilet or go home. It is always better I let them know in advance what to expect. We bought a regular size pop corn and 2 mineral waters. I brought them to toilet before the movie started. I tried to persuade Hao to wear diaper just in case as I really do not want to come out in the middle of the show. It is not easy to come out also seeing the seats are quite narrow. But he refused to wear the diaper. >.<

Both kids shared one seat in between me and hb. The starting was quite loud. I saw Hao used both his hand to cover his ear. Lol! Both of them were munching the popcorn. And they seem enjoyed the movie! I noticed Hao kept on focus on the screen (which seldom happens at home!). And maybe due to the popcorn, he kept on asking for water. >.< I was so worried he might need to go to the toilet soon, I was actually trying to stop him from drinking a lot of water and I did not feel good about it! As expected, Lynn told me she's scared. I told her the people won't come out from the screen, it's just like reading story book but this is "watching" the story from the story book. So there was nothing to feel scare about.

Finally the movie finished. Phew! We made it! LOL! The kids said they enjoyed the movie very much, and they wanted to come again. So last week, we brought them for Kung Fu Panda 2, hoping this time we won't miss it. We went to different cinema which less crowded, hoping we could get the tickets. However, front row again! >.< And the next show was 4 hours away! At the end, we decided just get it as hb would not like to come again. This time I did not ask Hao to wear diaper.

Sitting at the front row is not really that bad, as it is not that closed to the screen. However maybe still consider not a very good choice for the kids as they are much shorter than us. Anyway, Hao fell asleep towards the ending of the movie, though it is shorter than Pirate of the Caribbean. Lynn? No change. Told me she's scare. LOL! Scare but still want to come again. Hehehe. Now, whenever we drive pass the big Pirate of the Caribbean poster, Lynn will tell me "Mommy see, pirate! pirate!"

In summary, it was a good family outing. Finally we can enjoy the movie together with the kids, except that me and hb cannot sit next to each other. >.< Maybe I can bring my parents for the next movie outings. ^_^


reanaclaire said...

wow.. that was a good post on kids' first experience watching movie! so much promotion on this movie and i havent watch it yet..

Alice Law said...

LOL, I bet Lynn will start getting hook on watching movie in the cinema after these fabulous family outing! Kids usually got apprehensive over something new, but once thy had some fun with it, thy'll enjoy and love it to bits!^^

cheeyee said...

Claire - I feel The Pirate of the Caribbean so so only. Previous one is better. Kung Fu Panda 2 is good. Worth go watching. :)

Alice Law - Hehehe maybe after few more rounds she won't tell me she's scare. :)

Lian said...

I totally understand your "no toilet" rule. I remember when I took my 2 older kids for the first time, when 1 wanted to go toilet, I had to take both of them with me. You can't just leave 1 behind ya know. And I remember they went to the toilet so many times: before, during and after.
Glad your kids enjoyed the movies. I took the kids for Kung Fu Panda too. Paid RM21 for 1 adult and 3 kids.

Broccoli Ginger said...

hmm.. nice family outing.. if i were you i will persuade my girl to wear diaper too. :P

cleffairy said...

Lynn: Auntie...I want to be mermaid.
Auntie no 1: You want to be mermaid you have to eat alot carrot.
Lynn: Why? I don't like to eat carrot.
Auntie no 1: You don't like carrot then will be like ur mummy and aunties over here, all kenot be mermaid.
Auntie no 2: ????
Lynn: Huh???
Auntie no 1: All aunties here wear specs ma... mermaid cannot wear specs...


Small Kucing said...

The two of them so good can sit quietly. Mine running about :(

Cleff- pengsan

Alice Phua said...

Oh, yes, the Citibank's credit card's privilege of buy 1, free 1 is indeed a good deal! I also took advantage of the privilege when we went to watch Rio. We purposely chose the early bird timing so that I only have to pay RM9 for 2 adult tickets! Some more we went for Rio was already the off-peak season, so managed to get the back seats! Hehehe! Really value for money! This coming SUnday, I'll be using this card again to watch Kung Fu Panda 2....better take advantage of the privilege between it ends on 26th June 2011.

cheeyee said...

Lian - Hb was with me. So I have no worry taking one kid to toilet at a time. But usually if one want to go, the other one wants to follow also. :)

Broccoli Ginger - First movie outing, thought of better play safe. :)

Cleffairy - LOL!

cheeyee said...

Small kucing - No room for them to run la. We were sitting in the middle and it was so narrow.

Alice Phua - How good if the promotion last for longer period, let say until end of the year. :P

Yee Ling said...

I just brought my girls to Kung Fu Panda last weekend. Heehheh....luckily we managed to watch the movie till the first time bringing Elise to!!

Oliveoylz said...

That's a very nice family of 4 activity! Great that the kids behaved so well during the screening...

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