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Thursday, August 4, 2011

OMG Pancakes!

Do you like pancake? It was not my favorite until I met my hb and after we have got married. Pancake is not really one of my mom's menu in her kitchen so I seldom eat it. But after tasting the pancake that hb made for our breakfast, I started to love it. Hb was a scout. And he is the type that cannot go hungry. So die die also he would cook something whenever he went camping with the scout team. And the easiest thing to cook when you were camping? Pancake. That's how he started to cook pancake. And since he can make good pancake, why should I bother to learn to make, right? *Wink* (I'm sure you know what I mean, LOL!)

We used to have pancake for our breakfast every weekend. But not so frequent anymore. Our kids do love pancake. Sometimes hb will add raisins to the pancake; sometimes we eat with peanut butter and jam; and sometimes we just eat the plain pancake by itself. And since pancake is selling so expensive outside (I cannot understand a simple food made with the cheapest ingredient with just flour, egg, milk, sugar and some butter can cost so much?), we hardly buy the pancake to eat. I still love the soft yummy pancake made by hb. :)

And when I come across this book from Net Galley, I could not resist not to request it. I have never expect it can be so much fun making pancake!

Title:         OMG Pancakes!
SubTitle:   75 Cool Creations Your Kids Will Love
Publisher:  Penguin Group (USA)
Imprint:     Avery
Pub Date:  10/04/2011
ISBN:       9781583334430
Author:     Jim Belosic

When Jim Belosic started making pancakes in unusual designs, he was just trying to earn some cool cred with his daughter, Allie. Little did he know how happy he’d make her—and the millions of fans who eagerly await his latest creations on the Internet.

Pancake unicorns, beehives, and even bridges, ferris wheels, and construction cranes have all risen to life through Jim’s artful use of squeeze bottles, tasty and nutritious coloring and flavor techniques, and fearless creativity. Now—with a little help from Jim—everyone can turn breakfast into art. Filled with delicious recipes, four-color photos, and step-by-step techniques, OMG Pancakes! will be devoured by families and crafty foodies alike.

Note: The images taken are from the uncorrected advance proof for reviewing purposes and author may make changes on the final printed book.

The book covers the tools required for making pancake.

Recipes for making standard pancake and other types of pancake, for example pumpkin pancakes, banana pancakes. It also tells the natural food coloring used for the pancake.

 The author also shares the tips and tricks, on adding juice coloring to the batter, how to draw with the squeeze bottle, guidelines on cooking etc.

For each recipe, it shows the preparation  needed, step-by-step how to create the pancake shape, and how to fit those pancakes into the plate for the intended shape.

The author has divided the recipes into 5 categories:

  • Animals (Real and imagined), Insects, and Ocean Life (e.g. alligator, lion, caterpillar, crab)
  • Pancake Food (e.g. bacon 'n' eggs, spaghetti, ice cream cone, hotdog)
  • Holiday Themed Pancakes (e.g. pierced heart for Valentine's Day, Easter chick, ghost and pumpkin for Halloween)
  • Activities and Adventure (e.g. kite, football, tic-tac-toe, wand)
  • Just for Fun (e.g. balloons, earrings and bracelet, flower pot)
I think this book is a must for those dads and moms that love to cook for their little one at home. I'm sure kids going to enjoy eating those pancakes! And you can use your own imagination and creation to come out more pancake recipes for yourself! As for me, I'm going to ask hb to make some pancakes from this book this weekend. :D

Additional info about the Author

Jim Belosic is an advertising and marketing specialist and founder of Belosic, ADG, a boutique advertising firm in Reno, Nevada, where he lives with his wife and two children.

  • has 25,000 Facebook fans and has received more than two million views there and on YouTube
  • Jim and his pancakes have been featured on Rachel Ray
  • The perfect gift for the winter holidays and Father’s Day

Note: Note: I receive the ARC of this book from the publisher via Net Gallery. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


Broccoli Ginger said...

haha.. good sharing. Good idea! :)

mNhL said...

i love pancakes ! and my kids too. Wow... the book is so interesting.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, I love pancakes, with maple syrup.
Or waffles too.
Good breakfast stuff.

How you doin'? Have a great week.

Small Kucing said...

the elephant one very cute

Oliveoylz said...

Thanks for sharing Chee Yee. I never knew pancakes could look soooo attractive! My kiddos super love pancakes too!

Zooropa said...

I love pancakes too :-)

Read your earlier posts ~ that must be painful experience for little Lynn! Hope her wound is fully recovered. Take care Lynn :-)


Alice Law said...

Ahhh... you have got yourself such interesting pancake book, thanks for sharing some of the ideas!^^

cheeyee said...

Broccoli Ginger - Yeah very good idea for something cute for the kids. :)

mNhL - Yup very interesting book.

Uncle Lee - We eat pancake for breakfast too. Sometimes brunch. :)

cheeyee said...

Small kucing - Hehe cute to see, nice to eat too. :)

Olive - It's amazing, right? :)

Dora - Ooh another pancake lover. :) And Thanks for you concern, her wound is much better now.

Alice Law - You're welcome. :)

Caca said...

how I wish I could published a book to sell and all the money I get goes to my daughter's education fund.

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