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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random and Updates

Wow I have not been writing for more than a month! And this post has been sitting in the Draft for a month too! So what have I been doing all these while?

First of all my own schedule is changing. I have to find how I can write or blog with the new schedule. I also have been thinking a lot nowadays, especially on the people side. I met some new people; I also get to know some friends better. Due to some past experience, I actually don't trust people easily. I thought by doing this I can keep myself protected, not getting hurt by any friends. However now I realize that, no matter how careful I am, no matter how I protect myself, I will still get hurt as long as I treat them as friend because they meant something to me. I'm a very soft hearted person. I can do things for others if they request me to do it even though it may not be something that I would like to do, as long as it is within my capability. Because I find it's difficult to say no. But not when doing others a favor made myself not happy. It's kind of stupid to do something for others and at the end it does not make me happy right? Unfortunately some people are selfish enough that they don't care what you feel, they only concern on their own benefits. Due to this, I was feeling down for more than a month. I was shock, angry, sad, hurt, and disappointed.

During this one month, I also witness some unpleasant things happen due to some childish adult. I find it hard to believe some adults, even already becoming a parent, will whine and blame others when met with difficulties and challenges. Some people get jealous easily when they think others are doing better than them. Instead of working hard, they started to attack or condemn others. But talking without actions will not make them become better. People can see themselves who is a leader and who is not. Time will tell.

I also met some nice people lately. Friendly, helpful and willing to share. So life is not that bad after all. :) I also have started do some baking for the family. So far I have tried making muffin, cream puff and my latest challenge is focaccia bread. Just want to add more varieties to our breakfast menu instead of having whole meal bread most of the time. :) Hb has a crazy working schedule since early Sept. He has been working 7 days a week, coming home after 12am every night. Whenever possible, I will try to arrange to meet up with hb for dinner. At least kids get to see him more.

We went for a family trip to Ipoh during the Hari Raya holidays. On Oct 1, I went for the Octoberfest for the very first time. And of course I won't miss the BBWS last week. Oh there are so much that I have not blogged about it! >.<

I guess that's all for now. Have a great weekend!


mNhL said...

Life will be more interesting and challenging with those 'type' of people. Think positive ok. Hope you are better now.

Hope your hubby could get more rest after the busy period is over.

Yee Ling said...

That's life...No matter is good or bad thing, you still will be criticized. I used to be like nice...but in the end I just throw all behind. I ll do whatever I feel is right....I think in that way, I am happier.

prince n princess mum said...

There'll always be good and bad people around.. :)

Cynthia said...

that's the exciting part of life.. :p gambateh!

Alice Law said...

There are all sort of incredible ppl out there, some really mean good while quite a number good at frustered up ppl's life(be it intentionally or not). I'm sure you hv toughen yourself up and become substantially strong now(inside out)! It's ok to speak up your mind and say 'No' to others, no regrets.;)

cheeyee said...

mNhL - Now I know who is real friend... :)

Yee Ling - I'm not being criticized. It's my effort spent that is being ignored.

prince n princess mum - Yup.

Cynthia - Not very exciting to me. LOL!

Alice Law - Erm, I still feel very difficult to say 'No' to certain people. :)

Oliveoylz said...

Try to associate more with friends who can give you positive energy and avoid those who give you a bad aftertaste. I used to have difficulty saying NO to people too but over the years I learned that saying NO is the best thing to say in certain circumstances. You can do it too, my fren!

You are such a great wife and mother! Baking interesting stuff for your family! Love your foccacia bread! ...and how sweet and caring to bring the kids along to join hubs for dinner during his busy time at work.

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