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Friday, January 20, 2012

Another new year

Few more days we are going to say bye bye to Rabbit year and welcoming the year of Dragon. Rabbit year is a very challenging year for me. Big decision, major changes. There are lots of stress. And pains. But it also allow me to see who are true friends who are willing to give their helping hands and those who only know how to talk and instead of ease our stress, they are giving more pressure to us. One lesson learn for me is, no matter how protective and careful we are, we can't avoid not getting hurt by people around us. Unless everyone become nobody to us. But this is not always the case. Thus instead of getting protective, I should learn how to deal with the pain.

Rabbit year is also a year I have to deal with lots of "disagreement". In which, dealing all these things are stressful actually. Lots of time, people only see the surface but not knowing actually what's happening behind. Especially those people that like to make their own assumptions without asking the people involved for facts. Whatever happen is not my choice and the end results may look ugly, but I think it's the best decision and the right thing to do based on the options available and the situation at that time. I can't control if people want to talk bad about me. I can't possible please everyone. And I feel grateful for those who stand by us and share our thoughts.

In the year of Rabbit, I've becoming more active in baking. Main reason that I started baking is to have more varieties of food for the kids, as well as to save money. Cost of living is getting more and more expensive. It's always cheaper to bake ourselves except that baking do take some time depends what you want to bake. So in the past few months, I have been slowing down on reading books, as some of the time are spent on baking.

Despite those challenging events, the best thing that happen to me in the year of Rabbit is, the unconditional supports from my parents. They will not question our decision, just offer themselves to us without asking anything in return. They are hoping by giving us helping hand we get to spend quality time with our kids. I'm really feel blessed to have such understanding parents. Thus whenever possible, I'll bake something for them, to show my appreciation.

While Rabbit year is not a good year for me, and lots of people are saying the coming Dragon year is not a very good year too. I just wish things are not getting worse for me. And I wish all of us are having good health, no unexpected trips to hospital.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
May all of you have a prosperous and better year ahead.

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Daddy said...

Taking this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year ....:)

Small Kucing said...

Come! we go makan satay rabbit! Grill the rabbit kao kao

prince n princess mum said...

Happy CNY!

cleffairy said...

Yes... let's go makan rabbit... so jahat! I tink they sell rabbit satay in Hj. Samsuri there. HMMM!

Zooropa said...

Don't look back! Wishing u & your family a prosperous year of the Water Dragon :-)


Alice Law said...

Yeah, wht's more important thn to hv supportive parents, hubby and kids! Wishing you an awesome Dragon year!

Yee Ling said...

No sweat....Water Dragon will helps you to wash away all the bad things.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

HeLLo CheeYee,

Sorry to hear that Rabbit year wasn't good for you. I think that every year we face new challenges despite what year we are or were in. We need to be bold and strong to face future challenges.

Have a nice day.

Oliveoylz said...

You're very lucky to have wonderful supportive parents by your side...Think positive. Try to look at everything from a positive perspective. Here's a toast to a great dragon year ahead:)

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