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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday!

Since Q3 last year, Lynn has been asking me when is her birthday. Besides her birthday, she also asks about the birthday of other family members. She will remember the birthday by month. For example, her uncle's (my brother) birthday in February, then her papa's birthday at March, her 'gong gong' Grandpa birthday at March too etc. And then she will ask or tell whose birthday next. And finally, her long awaited her own birthday finally is here. :)

Beginning of the year, she told me "Mommy, when my birthday I don't want you to make the cake for me. I want to go buy nice nice one." Is she hinting the cake that I make is no good? Feel a little hurt. LOL! But I thought she's just a kid and I did not really mad at her or question her about it. Hehe. Then in February, I made a carrot cake for my brother's birthday. In March, I made peanut butter torte for my dad's birthday. And orange cake for hb's birthday. During my dad's birthday, Lynn was not feeling well and eventually she did not eat the cake at all. And few days after that, she saw the carrot cake picture from the cookbook, and told me "Mommy, can you make this cake for me for my birthday?" "Oh, you want carrot cake for your birthday?" I want to confirm with her.  "Yes, I want carrot cake for my birthday this year. Then when I'm 7 years old, I want the peanut butter torte for my birthday." Wah this year birthday is not here yet, she started booking for her birthday cake next year. LOL! And talk about early of the year she told me not to bake birthday cake for her.

That was somewhere end of March. And then somewhere in April, one day Lynn told me "Mommy, I want the peanut butter torte for my 6 years old birthday this year." Hmm, changing mind? "I thought you said you want the carrot cake?" "No, I don't want carrot cake already. I want the peanut butter torte." Then few more times during the month, she kept on telling me to make her the peanut butter torte for her birthday this year. Reason being she did not get to eat it during my dad's birthday, so she wanted to eat it on her birthday.

Alright, that's the story of her birthday cake. :) On top of that, she also has been pestering me to have her birthday celebration with her friends at school. I did it once for her when she was 3 years old, at the infant and toddler child care. Since this year is her final year at kindy, even if she did not ask me I have actually also planned to let her celebrate with her friends at school. She also made me promise her to be there at the kindy on her birthday. "Mommy, you must come for my birthday also. All my friends' papa mama are there during their birthday." Wah, getting demanding. Well, since I'm freelancing now, I can be there. And from time to time since beginning of the year, she has been reminding me that I must be there on her birthday. Luckily her birthday is in May, I can't imagine if her birthday is in I can't stand people keep on telling me same thing again and again.....

Last week, after picking up the kids I went to the bakery supplies shop to get the necessary ingredients for her cake. Besides cakes, I also plan to make something for her party packs for her friends. Previously to save time, I just bought the junk foods and snacks to make up the part packs. But even I myself don't like my kids eating too much on the junk food, this time I decided if I can make something. After searching through my recipe books, I set my eyes on the coconut candy. I remember we used to get it from supermarket when I was young. Not sure now still selling or not.

 Made this Rum and raisin ice cream with brownie as her birthday cake celebrating with my parents and my brother family. Not sure if I put too much rum (read that rum will soften the ice cream), the ice cream was melting super fast. And I chose a very rich brownie recipe, after keeping in the freezer the brownie became very hard. The rum and raisin ice cream taste very good though. A very good lesson learn. Next time I will make this rum and raisin ice cream cake in different way.

Coconut candy for Lynn's classmates. Even though the coconut candy does not require baking, but need to chill in the freezer. So a week before the birthday celebration, I started making a pan of coconut candy a day. Btw I'm using strawberry flavor chocolate for the pink color.

I was told there are about 40 children. Worry if the cake alone won't be enough to share by all children, I made some chocolate fondant too. Also in case some children don't eat cheese or peanut butter. Since the birthday party is in the afternoon, I spent the morning and noon making the chocolate fondant. Lazy and greedy me. Instead of making 2 batches, I doubled the recipe. It was a mistake. My arms were so tired folding the batter. And the chocolate fondant also turned out did not look as nice as it should be. Some chocolate fondant the middle part was sinking. Not sure where went wrong. Also as I have forgotten to take out the butter from the fridge to keep it at room temperature, also lack of time, I did not frost it with butter cream. Just put something colorful on top of it to make it looks more presentable. :)

Since I keep the coconut candy in the fridge, so the packing also has to be last minute! Pack them right before I leave the house. :)

As for the chocolate peanut butter torte that the birthday girl has requested, I made it the night before. It has the best crust that I have made so far. Hehe.

Instead of sprinkle with chopped peanuts on top, I used the ladybird and make the number "6", and sprinkled with some chopped peanuts and sugar flakes. Lynn chose the candle herself.

She set her eyes on the cake only......

I'm quite happy with the outcome of the cake. This is my 2nd attempt and I would say presentation wise looks better than the first attempt. :) Taste wise if you like peanut butter then you will like it. Can't taste the cream cheese taste much though.

Some children only attended the kindy session and did not stay for full day child care. So there were less than 40 children there. Each children still can have a share of the chocolate peanut butter torte and the chocolate fondant too.

Alright, finally done all the baking for her birthday! Phew! 

Happy birthday my girl! Mommy always feels glad that you are a good sister to Hao, always taking care of him. But Mommy does have one wish - please don't make mommy telling you same thing again and again!


Alice Law said...

Happy belated Birthday to Lynn! Many happy returns to her!

Thanks for the recipe, the cake looks awesome!

Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Lynn!

Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday Lynn...hmmm....she sure looked serious when making wish. Must be something special that she wants :)

Yee Ling said...

Wahhh..I think your whole week time have been dedicated to baking. Good job!

Happy Birthday Lynn!

De'Little Ones said...

Happy belated birthday Lynn! :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah..u can really bake now!

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