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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life with Do Re Mi Fa

Time flies. Opps seems like I have not been blogging for almost half a year. Well, the main reason is I seldom come online anymore. Even Facebook  I only check once a day from phone, sometimes none. Of course I still go online, but more for work purpose and not so much for leisure purpose. That's explain why I have not been writing and also not blog hoping much.

These 2 weeks, if you pass by my house you can hear lots of children noise. My 2 nieces (age 5 and 2.5) come stay with me for 2 weeks. My parents and my bro together with his wife are going for holiday and thus I'm helping them to take care my 2 nieces while they are away.

My elder niece is at the same kindy with Lynn and Hao. So every morning she will follow hb's car to go to school and I will pick up 3 of them from kindy after work. The youngest niece is going to the nanny behind my mom's house. I will drop her off on the way to work in the morning, and pick her up on the way home after picking up the 3 older kids.

My this youngest niece, MM is extremely attached her mom. From day 1, she has been crying looking for her mommy. I can see that she misses her mom very much. And I could not stand her crying. It's not just crying. She's actually closing up herself. She doesn't really play with the others, and not talking to us. When I ask her questions, instead of answer me (my this niece very good at talking at 2.5 years old) she will just shake or nod her head. This is definitely not her at all. Thus I message my SIL asking her to send back some video clips and pictures, telling MM that mommy has been missing her too. At the same time the kids also get to know what's the grandparents and parents are doing there. And it works! Whenever MM cries, I will show her the video clips and pictures. At the same time, we also cross the date in the calendar every morning, telling the children how many more days their parents will be back. And whenever there is chance, my SIL will video call back us at home, so the children get to talk with them. Now after one week, MM will still cry looking for mommy but not as frequest as before and back to her normal self. She will talk with others now, play with them and laugh with them. No more closing herself though I can feel that she's still not quite like me. I guess maybe she relates with being forced to stay with me.

As for the older niece, YY. She's definitely happy to have playmates all the time. 3 of them (Lynn, Hao and YY) are very noisy whenever they are around each other. From morning till night they are not bored playing with each other. Do they fight? Sometimes they do but it won't last long, and mostly just small matter. 5 minutes later they will play together again. And oh yes, they always can't come into conclusion when time to bath! Either they will fight for number one to bath first, or none want to bath first. Sigh. One day I got irritated I set a sequence for them to take turn! Yes take control of 4 children is not easy! 

Having a 6 and 4 years old at home, life is actually quite easy for me. Both Lynn and Hao can bath themselves, brush their own teeth, pack their own school bag, basically I only have to keep an eye on them. But with the 2 nieces, the 2.5 years old MM still need someone to bath her. I make the 5 years old YY to bath herself. So I only need to bath MM. But last 2 days, I get just Lynn to bath her together when Lynn is taking her bath. As for food, MM can eat by herself. All I need to do is just serve the food in her bowl. Weekdays she has her dinner at nanny's place before I pick her up. Weekend she will eat with us. So far she's not too picky on the food. She will eat whatever I serve her. She eats both noodle and rice. 

Things are still pretty much stay in routine despite with my 2 nieces. Basically YY and MM are following our routine. 6 of us sleep in the same bedroom. Normally I get the kids to sleep quite early during weekdays even now it's school holidays. But we still need to wake up early as we leave the house at 7-ish to go to work. I do not have much problem getting 4 kids to go to bed. I usually will accompany them in the room until at least they have fallen asleep. Despite new environment, I'm glad both YY and MM have no much problem fallen to sleep. Maybe they are tired after playing too much. Hehe.

One week has pass and few more days, my parents and my bro family will be back. Taking 4 kids are not really that difficult as I would have imagined at the beginning. But YY is always fine with me around and she is kind of close with Lynn and Hao. The only challenge is just MM. It's been an exciting and challenging week for me. As for Lynn and Hao, I'm sure they have a very enjoyable time with their cousins! And I foresee very soon they will start requesting YY to come stay overnight more frequent...... :) 


Oliveoylz said...

Such a wonderful opportunity for the cousins to bond and play together! Bet you are right, the bigger cousins will start requesting for many many more future sleepovers. I wonder what would happen to me if I had 4 kids staying under the same roof? You have handled the kids really well:)

Small Kucing said...

good idea of the video calls and photos :)

Alice Law said...

Ohhh... 4 kids, you gonna kidding me! No, I can't manage, not even with 2!

Glad tht your nieces are coping well now! Counting for your freedom too!;D

Take care!

prince n princess mum said...

where is soh lah ti do ?

cheeyee said...

prince n princess mum - Soh lah ti do? Oh no.... you must be kidding!

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