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Monday, June 9, 2008

Back ache

I have been enjoying minimum back ache for many months in this pregnancy, until recently. On the day we went to Malacca, I hurt the back muscle from carrying Lynn. I accidentally pulled the back muscle When i was putting her down. I can feel the sharp pain from the lower back and I can't help to shout out.

For a moment, I couldn't move and get up. Lynn was looking at me. She knew something was not right. And she knew is was because I carried her. Actually all these while I'm avoiding carry her, unless she's really demand for it, and I will just carry her for short distance and short while only. We have been keep on telling her that mommy cannot carry her anymore because she's getting heavy, and at the same time mommy also need to carry the baby in the stomach.

I knew I cannot carry Lynn anymore, due to the pull muscle. And I have to be very careful not to hurt the back again. However I don't expect the pain get worse. When I was in Malacca, I come to almost cannot walk stage. I need someone to support me when walking. Every step create a sharp pain in the lower back. I had no choice but to seek medical treatment. The doctor gave me some patches for the back. It was just to relief the pain, but not for healing the back muscle. The muscle need quite a while to heal, and I had to be very careful.

From that day onwards, we can hear Lynn said "Mama tong tong" (means Mama in pain in Mandarin) to everyone. And she stop requesting me to carry her anymore. Instead she will just ask for a hug, and some kissing. Of course she still miss me carrying her, as she will demand me to do something for her, as if to replace what she has missed. I will try my best to fulfill her needs, whenever I can, unless I feel very tired, then I will ask her to demand it from her daddy.

Since then, I will constantly having back ache, whenever I feel tired. I hope this will not continue for long, after the baby has come out. I do hope able to carry Lynn after delivering the baby.

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