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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting clumsy and forgetful

While the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and I'm gaining more and more weight, now I can feel like I'm getting clumsy than usual. I'm walking slower nowadays, feel tired easily, always need to adjust myself while sitting, feeling less energetic etc. All these are the side effects of the pregnancy. And I'm getting forgetful also! Things that I remember the night before can totally out of my mind when I wake up the next morning. I have to always search for the thing as I forgot where did I put it. Yes, it is a bit irritating but it's the package of the pregnancy. :) While we enjoy the special moment with the baby inside our stomach, at the same time we also experience lots of changes due to the hormone change during pregnancy. I consider myself being lucky at least I don't get high blood pressure, diabetes, other complications etc during pregnancy. So what else can I complain?

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