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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pregnancy check up - 7th month

I went for 2 check up in this time - first with my usual gynae and the second time in HUKM. In the first visit to my usual gynae, baby was weighted close to 1.3kg. And he mentioned that his head was growing slightly faster (so the head is slightly bigger) from the ultra sound scan. Still no luck in seeing his handsome face yet.

The 2nd visit was to HUKM. This is my first check up with HUKM in this pregnancy. This time I register myself a bit late there because it used to be a long wait at the hospital, resulting me and hubby always have to take half day off from work. So I decided not to go there for check up at early stage of pregnancy. The check up in HUKM was one week later than the check up with my usual gynae. Baby now weighted close to 1.5kg, which means he has gained about 200g in a week. And surprisingly, the ultra sound scan show that he is 2 weeks ahead from the expected due date.
Well, I always have the feeling that he will come out earlier than the expected due date but I never expect something like 2 weeks (Lynn came out 9 days earlier than expected due date). For this baby, I didn't tell him when I want him to come out. I think this time let the baby decide the date on himself. Although I will very much prefer having a July boy, but I also feel that he probably won't wait until July. :)

The next check up is about 2 weeks away. Let wait and see what's the ultra sound scan tell about the due date then. All I know is my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. It almost reaching the size just right before Lynn was born. Some people also thought I'm due soon but the fact is, there are still 2 more months to go. I can't imagine the size of my stomach then. I'm gaining 2.5kg every month even though my eating habit no change, and I don't really take large portion also. Just don't know why the weight gain is out of my control. And I have already given up on this. Really nothing that I can do about it. :(

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