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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Toilet training

Lynn is going to turn 2 this May. Ever since she's 18 months, we are trying to toilet train her, but to no success. She is good in everything, but except toilet training. She won't tell if her diaper already full or dirty, until we smell it. I don't understand why, but I have the feeling that she know about it, and she just refuse to tell as she wants some attention from us. Even at home, all this while she refuse to sit at the potty whenever I asked her. As she just wanted to stick with us and she see that sitting on the potty prevent her from sticking with us, even though I accompany her sitting at the potty. Well, sometimes it's difficult for us to understand why the children will have this thought and feeling. At the end, I have to use food to persuade her to sit at the potty. I told her that, if she sit at the potty, then I will give her "bing bing" (biscuit) the next day morning. And this time, she didn't make so much noise and didn't say "No!" to my request. Instead she took off her own pant (as I have requested) and happily sit at the potty. Even though still nothing come out, but at least I'm happy that at the end she is willing to sit at the potty. And since then, I have no problem asking her to sit at the potty.

About one week later, on last Monday, the babysitter told me that Lynn will tell her before she needs to go toilet. She will use the potty instead and no more dirty and smelly diaper. I was so happy to hear that. It's like a magic to me. At first, we tried very hard to toilet train her and with no success. And then we didn't really do much, suddenly she is like just know what to do and do as what you want. Now the babysitter wanted to train her to use the potty for wee wee as well. In which one night, Lynn took off her pant wanted to sit at the potty, but before she manage to do so, she pee on the floor. Luckily she was standing on the floor mat at that time so the cleaning is much easier. I just need to wash the floor mat. Well, It will be messy at the beginning, but I hope we will not face much trouble on this and is worth it. :)

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