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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hao @ 8 months

Time flies. Hao is already 8 months old. Again, his weight has not been increasing much for the past 2 months. He is now weighted at 8kg . This is his progress so far: -

  • Know how to wave bye bye. However only as when he likes it. Happy
  • Can sit still quite steady for quite some time. So now when we dine out, I can put him on the high chair.
  • Can crawl quite well and for quite a long distance.
  • Know how to kneel.
  • Know how to change from a sitting position to crawling position.
  • When he catch something, he will play with it using both hands instead of putting it directly into his mouth.
  • Like to grab things. Whenever he saw something catch his eyes, he will think of ways to reach it.
  • His latest favourite toy is no other than my mobile phone.
  • Will make sounds of ba ba ba ba..., wa wa wa..., aaa... Will hear him saying mama... mama... ONLY when he cries looking for me for milk. Latest favourite word is da da da..., de de de...
  • Having Nestle Honey wheat cereal with breast milk and brown rice powder in the late morning. And taking porridge in the evening. Prefer salty taste than sweet.
  • Getting more distracted easily when being nursed and thus making the breastfeeding time becoming slightly longer. Sad
  • Would like to play for quite some time before going to bed at night pushing his bed time from 10pm to around 11pm. 
  • No sign of teething yet.
  • Like to get hold of things and pull himself up. Probably going to stand up very soon.


Oliveoylz said...

What a crawler! I love to see toddlers crawling! Must be so excited waiting to capture the moment he makes his first stand!!!

reanaclaire said...

good to keep a record of your baby here.. keep it up..

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