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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding photo


Do you wish to have such beautiful picture like this taken for you?  Photo courtesy from Photogreative.

Nice wedding photo, isn't it? Well, this is not my wedding photo. How I wish I could have such nice photo shoot being done on my wedding day. How I wish I could have met this old friend of mine back to when I got married 4 years ago. So that I can hire him to be my photographer on the day I got married. Hehe

When I got married 4 years ago, I just got few friends of mine to be the photographer for the day. At that time, the cost of hire a photographer for the day was not cheap. We thought we could have save some money by just asking favor from friends for it. The results? Well, since they are not professional photographer, what kind of quality can we ask for. Especially after seeing those nice wedding photo taken by my this professional photographer friend, now I'm feeling regret for not hire any professional photographer on my wedding day.

This friend of mine is my primary schoolmate cum neighbor. We used to take the same school bus to school together as we are staying in the same neighborhood. We lost contact to each other after we went to different secondary school. We resumed contact each other when he got married more than a year ago. He had been taking wedding shoot for people for years. You can view his profile here. Photogreative is setup by him and 2 other partners. They offer professional photographing service for actual wedding day and outdoor pre-wedding They also offer actual wedding day video service. Besides wedding, they also shoot picture for baby/family portrait, pet, event and food/products. See this nice baby photo taken by my friend. Click here for details of the packages available. And if you are member of the Malaysia Brides, you can enjoy discounted price from signing up their wedding day package promotion.

Later I'm going to get him to capture some nice pictures of my 2 kids. Hehe cant wait! :)


eugene said...

may be i will do that wedding stuff on my 25th wedding anniversary,another 12 years to go,,cant wait for that.

take care my friend,really nice to have known you too

Anonymous said...

that is me and my wife inside the car :D ... KT u did a great job for me!!!

kt said...

hi, is my job, friend.
and my pleasure to do that.
i know everyone of us enjoy that day.

little prince's mummy said...

Where's ur kids' photos? heheheeh~~

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