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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Princess and the Chick Pea (and the Grape and the Walnut)

Please click to read this… it’s short and worth reading.

Once upon a time (as recent as a moment ago), there was a Queen who gave birth to a Princess. What made her a Queen was that her partner called her one, and what made their daughter a Princess was because they thought her so. Aside from the nicknames, the Queen and the Princess were not unlike any other woman or baby girl. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Come across this from Tweeter and I just love it…… I would say this is the best story I have come across so far. :)


Alice Law said...

The story touched me... it reminds me all the troubles I had gone through before I sucessfully breastfeed my Little Sprout.

My girl won't latch too... She screeched and screamed everytime I attempted to let her latch on (She will definitely pushed away my breast with her tiny little hand).

My husband and my in-laws didn't give any supports. Specially my mother in-law, she was very salcastic...she claimed my girl didn't want to latch on because my tits are improper!

I had a few arguements with my in-law, later I was suffered with "Confinement Stroke" (Post Partum blues). 2 days straight I was lying on bed, I didn't give up... kept pumping my milk. They didn't allow me to give the milk to my girl, so I gave it to my dog Husky instead(I treated him like my son).

The only person who supported me was my mother, she called me everyday after the incident. I kept trying until my girl latch on, that time she was already 1 month 4 days old. My tears sheded once my girl started sucking... the feeling was undescribed!

I breastfed my girl until we planned for another child and my husband didn't support me on tandem nursing (Breatfeeding 2 children at one time). We had some quarrels, he consulted a few doctors and they all on his side(How pathetic)!

I felt so guilty and sorry for my girl everynight when she pleaded me for breast milk. My heart was sored yet my husband claimed that's all my faults, he kept telling me my girl won't suffer that much if I weaned her earlier (We weaned her off when she was 16 months old)!

Perhaps that's the reason why I keep supporting breastfeeding mums, i wish all breastfeed mama can enjoy breastfeeding their precious one as long as they like to...

cheeyee said...

Alice - Wow... you are really a supermom! Salute you! *bow* Actually you can try swaddle your daughter so that her hands wont be able to push you away. Yeah most of the gynae here does not support tandem nursing. Wish you to have an easier breastfeeding journey for your coming bb. :)

Alice Law said...

Dear Chee Yee,

I wished I could swaddle my girl... atleast when putting her to sleep, so she would feel more secured (like being cuddled in the womb) and present less jerking.

But my in-laws kept nagging on me, she complaint modern moms don't swaddle their babies. Swaddling make them feel stuffy and discomfort, it restricts their movement, they can't exercise and so on...

Finally, we both compromised a little bit... we ended up "half swaddle" my girl, how hilarious!

cheeyee said...

Dear Alice

You can just swaddle the bb during the feeding time. I did the same for my gal too as sometimes she would cry and push me away. I think until she was about 3 months old before I stopped swaddle her during feeding time. Other time, she was free to move around.

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