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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playground Fun

The kids went to the playground with my parents, my brother and his 2yo++ daughter. Hao's very first experience on the slides. The kids were having so much fun playing the slides. They were not bored repeating the same thing again and again. And they were so happy that they refused to leave!


cleffairy said...

*fainted* Now I feel like being slapped. It's been a while since I bring Adrian to a playground!

mNhL said...

Looking at the kids enjoying themselves are such a wonderful feeling. ^_^

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - Go Go! Go take Adrian to playground this weekend! :D

mNhL - Haha yeah, feel like myself become a kid too. :P

Alice Phua said...

Wah, Hao is a brave boy! My Juan Or is very hesitant to be put on the slide.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Great! I brought my kids to the playground too last week. :) And really like what you mentioned, when they're happy they refused to leave.. :P
I do recall I like going to the playground too!

cheeyee said...

Alice Phua - Hao at first also very hesitant. But after few tries he started to love it and enjoy himself.

Broccoli and Ginger mommy - Haha kids, sure enjoy playing. :P

Oliveoylz said...

Kids don't ever get tired of the slides or the playground. Just looking at their happy faces make us sooo happy too, ya? A great place for mummies to make friends too ;p

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