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Monday, March 8, 2010

Theme Park Fun

Finally got the photos from my brother. Finally got some time to write about this. :) Took the kids to the Sunway Lagoon theme park on the last day of month of January. We went there because we got this complimentary entrance tickets to All parks from my cousins. She gave us 6 adults and 3 children tickets, for my parents, my bro family and us to go enjoy the theme park. Actually 2 children tickets are sufficient as Hao is free. Can’t remember when was my last trip to Sunway Lagoon. Definitely was before getting married. I did not realize the ticket price have gone up so much until I check out their rates. Despite the expensive tickets price, it was quite crowded at the theme park on that day.

It was the first time Hao going to a theme park and second time for Lynn (took her to those rides in the Genting Indoor Theme Park when she was about one and a half years old). Despite first time for Hao, he enjoyed the rides very much and even refused to come down when it stopped! But after about 3 rides, he stopped making complain and allow us to carry him. Probably now he got the idea everyone must leave when it stopped. :D

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-10-07)Group photo right after the entrance

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-28-50)

Our first ride. Can’t recall the name. But nothing great about it. The cup is just spinning around.

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-35-48)

Hao in his ladybugs costume. :D

Sunway Lagoon 001

Hao enjoying his first Merry-Go-Round. I love this pic. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-51-14)

Lynn was having fun time too. :)

Sunway Lagoon 007

Hao was taking the ride with Gong Gong. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 13-21-21)

The kids were a bit scare of this ride. Guess they were not feeling comfortable surrounded by water. Survival instinct. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 15-05-59)

Both of them were afraid to slide down by themselves. Again, due to the water.So mommy got to help them. :D

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 15-38-28)

Relaxing herself at the water. The kids enjoy this part most. As they get to play and splash the water as much as they want. :)

In summary, it was a fun trip. We were so tired and all get tanned after exposed to sun for few hours. Luckily Lynn did not make much fuss when we wanted to leave as I bribed her with ice cream. Hehehe! So after we all bathed and changed, I took the kids to Sunway Shopping Mall for McDonald’s Sundae ice cream and burger. :D


cleffairy said...

Wahahahahhaha! Wahahahahaha! Finally I get to see these pics. OMG, Cheeyee, what took you so long la, friend? =( OMg, Lynn is absolutely adorable, and she's all smile! Ehh... still got more pics anot? Lynn and Hao's pics... email me can? wan show my Alien. I've downloaded these back, but Alien wan see more. Mebbe after see Lynn and Hao enjoying the water, he wun be so scared of water...can email me when ur free?

cheeyee said...

Cleffairy - Busy la.... was burning mid night oil to write this post one.. Hehehe. Ok will email more to u. Lynn and Hao also scare of water one... but if water lvl is up to their knee length they r ok.

Broccoli Ginger said...

wah! so nice! Lynn has grown up so much! big big girl already :)

reanaclaire said...

hi cheeyee..coming by to join in looking at the fun here.. :)

mNhL said...

I did not know there are so many other rides. haha...Only spent like 15 min at the dry park, then head straight to the water park. Aiya...missed it! Eh..did not know adults can play with the slide at the water park. I only hear the lifeguard blowing whistle all the time giving warning to others. Aiseh...missed that again. SHould have taken the slide with the kids. Wonder when I can get complementary tix again. hehehe...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Chee Yee, beautiful photos. Can see you all had a fabulous time, the kids especially.
You have a great week and keep well, Lee.

Alice Law said...

Wah~ what a wonderful family outing!! It has been a long long time I didn't dare to pay a visit to the lagoon due to its "sky high" pricy tickets!

Woo~!! Gong Gong was so sporting and daring to take the rides with his grandchildren!

prince n princess mum said...

So enjoy!

cheeyee said...

Broccoli and Ginger mummy - Yeah, Lynn is like her father (hb is 192cm tall), got this "tall" gene. :D

Claire - Thx for dropping by. :)

mNhL - I would say most of the rides are for kids... some rides we even took twice.. don't need to queue much.. :D Ei I don't know adults cannot take the slides of the children pool wor. No guards blowing whistle at us. Hehehe! Yeah expensive to go there without the complimentary tickets. Don't understand why so pricey and yet not that many rides available.

Uncle Lee - Yes the kids were having a fun time. You too have a great week there. :)

Alice Law - Yeah I did not know the entrance price is sooo expensive. But we won't thought of going there too (as kids still so young) if not because of the complimentary tickets.

Prince n princess mum - Haha family time... of course enjoy.. especially the kids. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

due to the price of the ticket plus the heat, i myself also have not step into sunway lagoon!

cheeyee said...

Mummy to QiQi - Yalor, I think the ticket price is unreasonable high. But still there are quite crowded. Saw lots of family, and also young people going there with friends. So seems like people nowadays are more rich? Or more generous on spending on the entertainment? *shrug* but definitely not me. Lol!

smallkucing said...

*paiseh* stayed in KL all my life but yet to go for Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

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