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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lynn @ 4 years old

Lynn's birthday is just a small celebration with the family members from both side. We went to a restaurant serving western food some where nearby our house.

Lynn @ 4 years old
1. Getting easier to talk/communicate with her. But she still likes to make me "nag" a lot. Whenever I ask her to do something, for example brush her teeth, go take bath, keep her books etc. She likes playing a deaf ear with me, always want me to repeat myself many many times. Sometimes until hb also get annoyed and scolded her.

2. Very slow in doing things. For example she can take a good 15-20 minutes to brush her teeth, in which 10 minutes is spent on looking at the mirror and play talking by herself there, and another 5 minutes playing with the water.

3. Ever since I bought a Barney DVD for her, she can glu to it every weekend. No more Little MJ fans ever since Barney DVD come into the house.

4. A cheeky child? Love to bully her brother. Love to make her brother shout loudly. Love to make her brother cries. Love to take away the things from her brother's hand......

5. Although she likes to bully her brother Hao, but she also likes to take care of him. She will share all her food with him. Each time she asks food from me she will sure get some for her brother. But just not the books and the toys. (Until I have to declare those books are mine!) Likewise for Hao - he will also share the food with Lynn but not the toys. :(

6. Still prefer meat than vegetables. But manage to persuade her to take more vegetables especially when she sees other kids are taking vegetable too.

7. Still likes to talk a lot. On the way home after picking up the kids, she will be talking non-stop in the car. Tell me this la that la, or play loudly in the car with Hao. Or if not singing, making noise in the car. She's a noisy kid.

8. Very clumsy and don't take good care of her belonging. She spoil the rail of one of the drawer (until today I still can't figure how she did it), not to mention the toys and those craft she done in the school. Once come home.... within few days gone case.

9. Although she's diaperless at night, accidents do happen.

10. Still sucking thumb! Grrr.... but I found a way how to make her suck less. Still trying to get rid of that completely. I told her, if I see her sucking thumb, then next day no yogurt or vitagen (she loves them and every morning she will ask for it). I said it and I practice it. So after one time, she really make her effort not to suck her thumb.

11. Ever since I introduce sand art to her, she loves it very much.

12. Like to pretend play she's a teacher.... like to "lecture" others, telling others cannot do this cannot do that. She even told us she wants to be a teacher! Is it because she was born on Teacher's Day? *shrug*

13. Instead of being shy, now she will pose for me when I take her picture, give me her sweet sweet smile. ^_^

14. Love books. Love to read books. Love me or hb reads books for her.

15. Every Saturday and Sunday, she will surely ask me this question "Mama, today gai-gai?" And then when I bring her out, she will keep on telling me "Mama I like this" "Mama I want this", asking me to buy things for her. I hate to say "No" to her, but I can't be just buy anything that she asks for. The last one I told her "If you be a good girl, don't make mama tells you to do this do that, sayang didi, I will take you come back here to get it for you." And that keep her mouth shut. But of course if she well behave, I will surely and happily bring her back to the shop to buy what she wants for her.

16. Will open the fridge and take the food to eat without asking. Some more will take for her brother too. Bad example!!! :(

17. Last but not least, Lynn weight at 4 years old is 16kg, and 107 cm tall.


smallkucing said...

confirm..girl..girls are like that one mah :D

reanaclaire said...

hi chee yee, very cute girl you have there.. bad example taking food to eat? not really la.. she is a co-owner after all.. and somemore sharing with the brother, good habit i say.. caring is sharing ma.. hahaha..

danny said...

Hi there,

I had the same experience with my son. All he loves to do is suck his thumb. We tried holding back his favorite snacks, but he would sneak off behind the couch and suck his thumb

I then just thought I would give up; I figured he isn't hurting anyone and that was his security blanked. Then I asked his doctor about it and he told me all the bad things that can happen as far as his teeth are concerned & its stops your chin development!

He told me to look at adults with no chin form and that most likely means they sucked the them...

So I searched the internet and found these pair of gloves...he loved wearing them (we bought him the long blue pair, so that he couldn't pull them off) & after a couple of months he has stopped sucking his thumb!

The funny part is we just bought him another pair because he loves wearing them...he calls himself Sonic the

They also have some real nice ones for girls too.

Here is the site in case anyone else is looking

Broccoli Ginger said...

Haha.. i see so many points you listed out just the same like my son...
1. Yes... I have to nag a lot... which makes me sometimes thinks why i nag n nag n nag... tiring laa....

2. slow... yes.. do everything also slow... which resulted the nagging... :(

4&5. bully & take care.. :( same.

6. Ya.. prefer meat.. dun like vege..

7&8. talkative and clumsy.. all his toys are broken toys..

15. gai-gai is his weekend ritual.. :P will wake up early.. no need to wake him up.

Could be becos of the same zodiac.. haha.. anyway, happy 4 years old to Lynn.

mNhL said... so many things similar to YX!!!! HAHAHA

Lynn is such a cheerful little girl. ^_^

prince n princess mum said...

Happy birthday pretty gal!~

cleffairy said...

Aiks? Lynn still sucking her thumb?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, many happy returns of the day to Lynn.
She certainly has her mom's good looks.
I read your this post and couldn't help smiling and the song. 'Thank Heavens for little girls' came to mind.

Lynn is growing up and everyday she learns something by seeing or learning or understanding.
And all mothers love their daughters, son's too of course....but very often it is a make or break where kids are concern....when mothers thru love dislike saying 'no' to kids.....

And kids at a very young age know how to take advantage of that.
Chee just bring up Lynn as how your mom brought you up and Lynn will grow up to be a fine her mother.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Alice Law said...

Hi Chee Yee, I'm back! Oh dear, look at the cake, it looks really delicious! (drool drool)

Lynn is such a lovely girl, I can't wait to see her grows older! I wonder why Lynn and Hao share food but not toys and books? Juan Juan also share food with her lil bro but not with toys and books. It's understandable she doesn't share her books, cause she might worry lil bro tear it(he tore a lot of hers already). But I don't get it why they don't share toys, hrmmm....

Btw, thanks for your warm regards! Juan Juan has fully recovered since yesterday; my boy just discharged from the hospital, he is doing well now! Thanks you! I really appreciate it!:)

Please enjoy your weekend!

vialentino said...

hi chee yee...i am back from bali...sorry for my late reply and visit to here.

lovely daughter u got there and happy belated bday to her.

yeah...without baby stroller when travel is tough and difficult.

cheeyee said...

smallkucing - Based on comment from other moms... not only girls are like that wor.

claire - I don't really stop them from eating, just want them to ask before taking the food. One time, she was taking lots of chocolate from the fridge and end up having constipation... and what's more also causing the bro having constipation... Chocolate and sweets are the only food that I limit them to take.

Danny - Hi thanks for your sharing. Will check it out. :)

Broccoli & Ginger Mommy - No wonder most mothers are very "cheong hei" is all because of the child. Hehehe!

mNhL - Ei? Similar to YX also? Hahaha! Is it due to they are same age? Hmmm, interesting. :)

prince & princess mum - Thanks. :)

Cleffairy - Yes still sucking. But very minimum now. Occassionally during sleeping only.

Uncle Lee - Hehe actually most of us think Lynn got my face's shape but her dad's look. I'm not too sure if I can bring her up the way my mom (& my dad) brought me up but I will try my best. But I know my parents are complaining my children are more difficult to handle as compared to when I was at their age. Hahaha!

Alice Law - Hey glad to know your children are recovering. Must be a tiring and hectic week for you. I guess they have no issue sharing food, because they still have their portion to eat (just less food to eat) but as for toys, they can't really play it in their own way if sharing with others. Same for the books. The brother would like to turn the pages as and when he likes, it could be before the gal finish reading the page. Now I can see Lynn is more willing to share, so it's the turn for Hao to learn to share.

vialentino - Welcome back. :) And thanks for the birthday wish. :)

vialentino said...

thanks....can see she is very happy with her bday celebration...hehehe

Oliveoylz said...

Happy belated birthday Lynn! Barney...oh, she's now at the Barney stage...Bet you know the song by hard "i love you, you love me, we are happy family"...boy...I was singing it in my sleep at one point...haha.

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