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Friday, June 18, 2010

School holidays

These 2 weeks are school holidays. So there is no class. But since Lynn is on the full day program (class + child care), so we are still sending her to the kindy as usual. Since no class, so no need to wear uniform. She gets to play with her other friends who are also attending the child care whole day long.

During this school holiday, the kindy organizes in total 4 field trips for the children: -

1. Pusat Sains
2. KLCC Park
3. Planetarium and Butterfly Park
4. Tun Razak Park

I can't recall when I was attending kindy, did the kindy arrange any field trip or not. I can't remember if I ever been to any places with the friends and teachers from kindy. When I was young, my father was quite protective. He even did not like us to attend any friend's birthday party. He thinks it is wasting time. Another problem was the transport as my mom only got her driving license when I was 10 years old. SO before that, even school activities on Saturday we had to rely on the school bus. At one time my mom enrolled us to the Art class at school but by the time the class was over school bus would have left already. There was this mother of another student (we get to know her from the Art class) was so kind to agree to fetch us back after the class every Saturday. I only remember attended birthday party for 2 of my classmate during primary school. Can't remember how old was I. Most probably when I was in Standard 3. Can't remember how my father agreed to let me go. But I guess must be due to my mom. :D

As I always did not get to go have fun with my friends, I always felt like being left out from them. But can't blame them, isn't it? Imagine I was the only few (less than 5 probably) that did not get to join the school trips, while others was happily talking about it but I could just sit there and listen. Even for the final year trip at Standard 6 to Singapore, as expected I did not get to go too.

After I started attending secondary school, my father became less protective and let us to be more independent. We get to join the school trips organized by the societies and clubs, e.g. to Penang, Cameron Highland etc. I was very happy and excited. Me and my brother also started learn to take public bus to school and back home. As my house is in KL and we were attending PJ schools, it was rather inconvenient to take public bus to and back from school. We got our driving license as soon as we hit our 17th birthday. And after that, my father refused to send us instead he asked us to drive ourselves if we want to go out. So we learn to drive in those busy roads within KL and PJ. Since then, everything is "by myself".

Back to Lynn's school holiday programs, we enrolled her to all 4 field trips. She did not tell me much after coming back from Pusat Sains. Wonder how much she can understand from the visit. The teachers brought the children to play water in the KLCC Park. This was out of my expectation at all. To me it's a big responsibility to take children to the pool. Due to the hot weather, Lynn came home with a much tanned body - the mark of the swimming suit is so obvious. She kept on telling me about the rocket after the trip to Planetarium. She was saying  something like the rocket got fire, shoot up in the sky, then the rocket was broken and fall down, and she was scared. Hehehe. I asked her about the Butterfly Park but she was not talking much about it. This morning is the last field trip to Tun Razak Park. It was not hot this morning. Hopefully she wont become more tanned. :)

Soon school holiday is coming to and end. Next week will be back to normal. Oh yes this Sunday is a special day.  

 Happy Father's Day to all daddies!


prince n princess mum said...

I hardly go for any trips when I was small also... Only can see my friends enjoying from the trip... Parents not allow, too!

smallkucing said...

I cant hardly recall my school trips. Getting old already

Alice Law said...

Poor you... but it's understable if your parents didn't let go.:)Older days parents tend to be over protective while modern days parents eagerly expose their kids to the world, this is why kids nowadays are so street smart and more intelligent!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, school holidays are the best times of our lives....And can see you had fun too.
Have a great week and holidays. Keep well, Lee.

cleffairy said...

I remember a few school trips. But not as much as these day's kindy's. Happy father's day to ur hubby. Hope Hao is much better now. :D

Oliveoylz said...

Field trips are a great way for kids to explore in groups. So fun! It's really great that she got to attend all 4 field trips and in a short span of 2 weeks too! Wow! I remember only going on a school excursion to the butterfly farm when I was in Std5. Only once in the whole of primary school! Kids now are so lucky! They start young:)

Alice Phua said...

You are considered lucky already that by the time you reach your teens, at least your dad knows how to let go. As for my parents, especially my mother, they didn't know how to let go until I got married and that was when I was about 26 to 27 years old (that also is by force of circumstance, otherwise until now also they won't let go!). Whenever there's school trip or even field project, my mother will always discourage me by saying things like it's a waste of time, it's dangerous and that she's not there to watch over, waste money, nothing to see during the trip and all this kind of nonsense.

cheeyee said...

prince n princess mum - Looks like our parents are the protective type.

smallkucing - You should not be older than me wor.... :)

Alice Law - Yeah you are right, older days parents tend to be over protective.

Uncle Lee - Yeah when I was still a student that time, always looking forward for school holidays. :)

Cleffairy - These days, not only more school trips, school work also much more than our days too.

Olive - Yeah children these days are much more lucky than us.

Alice Phua - Wah good thing despite you growing up in such protective family but you are so independent and mature!

vialentino said...

i wish sch holidays will be another month the traffic jam wont be that bad as today.

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