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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hao @ 2 years old

At 2 years old, Hao is still not talking that much. However he can understand us very well, and able to communicate with us very well even just using single word: -

drink - he wants to drink
(wa)ter - want to drink water
juice - want to drink juice
(yo)gurt - asking for yogurt in the fridge
(vita)gen - asking for vitagen in the fridge
eat - tells us that he wants to eat
blood - one day, not sure how he got his finger cut and it was bleeding. he showed me his finger and said "blood"
pain - tell and show me which part is pain
(bis)curt - one of his favorite food. :)
don't want
drop - not sure why he likes to take off his shoe in the car. When we ask him why, he said "drop" and pointing at his shoe.
(thunder)storm - when it rains heavily, he will point to outside the house and said "storm"
scare - he is scare of lightning
(car)ry - ask for carry
night night - our sleep time ritual - good night kiss
gai gai - going out
more - asking for more food.
(bols)ter - asking for his bolster before going to bed
book - want to read book
milk - refer to fresh milk that we give him
nen-nen - want me to nurse him
bye bye
pant - want me to wear the pant for him after potty time
(mu)sic - want us to turn on the radio while we are traveling inside the car
(ice) cream
"fan" - 饭 rice in Cantonese - he will call us to eat rice during meal time
"dan dan" - 蛋 egg ins Cantonese. All food to him is "dan dan". Hahaha.
"bao" - 抱 carry in Mandarin. But he seldom say this.
"chuan" - 穿 wear in Mandarin. He was asking me to wear his pant for him. I only heard him saying this once.

Those in bracket means he's not pronouncing it but he means that word. It's like a guessing game. But so far me and hb can guess what he's trying to say. Even Lynn also can understand him very well. Most of the words he speaks are in English. He also can call all family members, in Cantonese. Despite he's not speaking much Mandarin or Cantonese, he can understand us very well as we speak to him in both Mandarin and English. My parents speak to him in Cantonese. Child care is using English as the medium. When I read books to Lynn, he will follow me pronounce those words that I read out loud for them.

As for his diet, I would say he has big appetite. See him eating is a happy thing; you will feel that he really enjoys eating the food served to him. ^_^ He can eat more than Lynn, almost same serving as a young adult. So taking him to buffet is definitely worth it. LOL! He loves milk, cheese, rice, and noodle; basically he's taking almost all food that is being served. He eats vegetable and meat too, as long as it is soft and not difficult to chew. He does not like food that is too sweet. Despite eating a lot, he will stop eating if he's full. Dining out is very easy for me now as he will eat by himself. I just need to serve the food to his bowl.

I'm still nursing him, not so much as a meal but more for the minerals and the antibody from me. From 1 serving of fresh milk in the afternoon, I have increased to 3 servings a day for him - morning, afternoon and night. Basically whatever Lynn is eating, he wants a share too. At first I was worry if he will reject bm after taking fresh milk. So I serve the fresh milk in normal cup for him (I never give him milk bottle at home). But he's still asking bm from me in the morning and before going to sleep. Looking for comfort? Maybe; but the bm still tastes good. :)

Hao is an easy baby and I believe the extended breastfeeding does play a part of it (I breastfed Lynn up to 10 months only). I love looking at him when I am nursing him. Sometimes he will look me back with his eyes full of love. Then both of us will smile at each other. I did not get to do this much with Lynn because Lynn has this comfort sucking habit. She just sucks to fall off to her dreamland so most of the time she sucked with eyes closed. I also carry Hao more than Lynn. Last time due to pregnancy and Hao was still a baby; I did not carry Lynn as much. In fact, I almost stop carrying Lynn after Hao was born as I carry Hao most of the time. Hb will carry Lynn instead. I actually miss carrying Lynn when she was a baby. Soon one day he won't ask for carry anymore. Due to this, I seldom reject Hao whenever he asks for carry. Sometimes hb thinks I carry him too much. Hao is very much attached to me. In fact, both kids very much attached to me. Hb says Hao is a mommy boy. Everything - mommy. Hahaha! Well, if mommy boy = easy baby, those effort spent on bf is definitely worth it. :)

At 2 years old, Hao no longer just plays by himself. I can see both Lynn and Hao enjoys playing with each other. From not-so-like the sister, I can see now Hao is getting closer and have better relationship with Lynn. In the past, whenever Lynn rests her hand on the arm rest of the booster seat, sure Hao will complain about it. But he's not complaining now. He also more willing to let Lynn holds his hand. Why the change? Lynn always gets food for Hao. She serves him milk, she will ask me for yogurt and vitagen and always get one for Hao too. Whatever she's eating, she will surely get a share for Hao. As for toys, sometimes they will still fight about it. It depends what toy it is. Both of them love playing on my bed. Jumping around, playing somersault. But usually I don't let them playing somersault on my bed, worrying they will fall down. They can play on Lynn's mattress which is on the floor.

I have a tough time dealing with Lynn when she was at the Terrible 2 stage. As for Hao now, I wish it will be a Terrific 2 not Terrible 2! Hehe greedy me. ^_^

Hao's height at 2 years old - About 86cm
Hao's weight at 2 years old - About 12kg


smallkucing said...

great :D

Alice Law said...

Wow, ou are such a detail mermy, can see you really put an effort to jot down all Hao's development and achievement! Bravo to you! I really hope Xuan would behave like Hao, always in his angel mode!^-^

Hey, you change your templates! It's cute but my eyes crossed right after the 3rd paragraphs... my vision blurr reading the white fonts with dark blackground.:)

Happy Birthday to Hao, may he grows up to be a strong, healthy and incredibly smart young man!;)

Oliveoylz said...

CheeYee, like your cute new blog layout.

Wow! Your boy sure knows many words for a 2 year old...makes it so much easier to understand him:)

I like the way you mention about how he looks at you with love when you nurse him. That is a very very special moment indeed...

Broccoli Ginger said...

:).. I grinned all the way reading to your post..
I enjoy bf so much as u... I wonder when I will stop as I am not willing to. :P haha.. it's something that is so precious between the mother and the baby. don't know how to describe it.. but it's just so sweet and it means so much!

reanaclaire said...

Not to worry.. mommy's bonding with the baby is very natural... treasure and cherish..

cheeyee said...

smallkucing - Compared Hao to Joshua, don't know why my boy eats so much but still so small size one.

Olive - Yeah, so far we have no problem communicating with him. Bf indeed has created many special moments for us. :)

Broccoli & Ginger mommy - Then don't stop. Let Ginger self wean. I'm going to let Hao self wean too. :D

Claire - Yes I'm treasuring it and enjoying it.... I have missed some on the 1st one, not gonna to miss this again. :)

cheeyee said...

Alice Law

Hahaha you are not used to the black background.... actually I like white background. But could not customize it to something that I really like. I already made it less "black". Let me try reduce some more and see if it's better. :D

Btw, Hao is not always in "angel" mode. But since he's still young, he forgot about things very fast. :D

Zooropa said...

Yeah love to see a kid eating with great appetite! Good to know Lynn & Hao getting along so well now :-)


cleffairy said...

Happy belated birthday to Hao, and what an acomplishment. :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, not to worry, some kids are fast, some slow, but he'll be fine.
When I was his age, everyone thought something wrong with I was a slow learner.....and by three I took off overtaking others my age, ha ha.

As well some of the Worlds top scientists, VIPs were slow learners....Bill Gates was one of them.
So just leave him, but encourage, talk to him....
And have fun, Lee.

mNhL said...

u r not greedy. I also pray my baby girl for TERRIFIC 2 and not TERRIBLE 2. hahaha.....

Hao is growing up well. I enjoyed carrying my baby girl too. But she prefer to walk on her own. :(

cheeyee said...

Dora - Yeah, I'm glad they are getting along well.

Cleffairy - Thanks. :)

Uncle Lee - Yes every kid is different. That's the most challenging part. :)

mNhL - Hehe, Hao only asks me to carry him going up and down the stairs (very smart hor), or if the place is crowded and when cross the road.

Alice Phua said...

Wow! It's great that Hao still wants to be breastfed even until this age. I wish my Juan Or will still want bf, but too bad he started rejecting the breast at 2 yrs 1-2 mths old. Bravo for his milestone!

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