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Monday, July 5, 2010

Siblings Love

Lynn did not behave well last week. So I penalized her for not getting her usual food snacks on yogurt, vitagen, biscuit, ice cream and those breakfast cereal for a week. One weekday morning, when we were getting ready to leave the house.

Lynn: Mama, can me and Didi eat this cereal? (She was holding honey star on her hand.)
Mama: No, you cannot have that. No snacks for you this week.
Lynn: I no good girl, so I cannot eat?
Mama: Yeah.
Lynn: Then can Didi eat or not? Can Didi take this to school?
Mama: Yes.

The next morning, she asked me again.

Lynn: Mama, can Didi take vitagen to school?
Mama: Yes.
Lynn: Hao come, jie jie take vitagen for you. (She opened the fridge and took one vitagen for Hao.)

I was surprise and glad that despite she is not allowed to take the snacks, she was not selfish and complained when Hao got the food.


Me, Lynn and Hao were at the kitchen after taking our food. Hao was standing on a stool with his hands stretching out to the basin and playing on those dirty and oily bowls and cups.

Me: Hao, come down please. Don't play with the bowls. Dirty.
No response from Hao.
Me: Hao, come down please.
Still no response from Hao.
Me: Hao..... can you please come down.
Hao was still playing there.
Me: Hao..... (started raising my voice)
Still no response! I’m started getting frustrated.
Me: (Shouting) Hao! Come down!
Still continue playing! Grrr.
So I walked over to him, give a pat on his buttock. He cried out loudly and finally, stepped down from the stool.

Hao: (Still crying) Jie jie..... jie jie.... (walking towards Lynn who was just standing next to me).
Hao: Jie jie... jie jie.....
He's trying to seek comfort from his sister. This is something new to me. Hahaha!

Lynn: Never mind la. See, who ask you don't want to listen to mama? Why don't listen to mama, huh?
Sounds so familiar, LOL!


It was Sunday's afternoon. Me and hb were sitting in front of the pc and both kids were with us on the same room. Lynn was doing some coloring.

Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. (Hao was trying to get Lynn to play with him.)
Lynn: Don't disturb jie jie. Jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Don't disturb jie jie, jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Heya, jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Hey, can't you see jie jie is doing coloring? (Lynn started feeling annoyed.)
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: (Shouting) Stop calling jie jie! Jie jie wants to color!
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Grrr..........
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.

Lynn still continued on her coloring. So Hao changed his target. He came to me asking to sit on my lap. Oh poor boy. Already being rejected by the sister, can't be rejected again by mama right? So I carried him to sit on my lap. :D


reanaclaire said...

wah..jie jie really sounds very matured.. pity her that she cannot get her snacks for a week.. im very soft hearted..i sure give in one.. not good disciplinary mum at home..

smallkucing said...

looks like Lynn getting to be more responsible and mature. Good that she bravely takes her punishment without complain

Oliveoylz said...

Awww....soooo sweet that the siblings are so attached to each other...That's what all mother's dream of:) Lovely sibling pic of your little darlings.

vialentino said...

ur daughter very good and kind to her brother....good family education.

yeah....better carry him and sit...kesian him rite....else he feel neglected.

Alice Law said...

Wah... your kids are definitely very close to each other! Clap hands!!!!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

cleffairy said...

Gosh... lynn! Lynn was so sweet to Hao. Lynn deserves some McD's sundae from ice cream. Come, when wanna take? LOL.

prince n princess mum said...

The sweet moments~

mNhL said...

wow...your punishment is very long (1 week). haha....Jie jie is such a good girl. Knows how to care lil bro.

cheeyee said...

Claire - Hehehe I'm the type "say it and mean it" one. :)

smallkucing - She knows what she has done wrong.

Olive - Thanks! But Hao sometimes still depends on his mood whether he wants to get close to his jie jie or not. Hehe.

vialentino - This is because she likes to act like a mommy..... so she likes to take care of the bro lor. :)

Alice - Thanks! But sometimes they do fight too. LOL!

Cleffairy - Anytime! LOL!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, can see you bringing up your daughters the way you were brought up by your mom.
Love their conversation.
Have fun, Lee.

cheeyee said...

mNhL - Me first time punish her for one week..... because she made me real upset.... :(

Uncle Lee - I find that it is not easy to handle the gal... she non-stop giving me challenge.... new things every now and then. Now I'm confused if I'm using the right way. :(

Zooropa said...

This didi is smart, he knows who to turn to when the one rejects him earlier. Jie jie also good girl in helping mommy to care for didi so mommy shld make the punishment shorter 3 days maybe :-)


vialentino said...

good ler that she like to be like a big sister and take care of the family....hehehe. make ur job senang also

cheeyee said...

Dora - Already said 1 week mah... next time can considered shorter lor. :D

vialentino - Yeah, she likes to be like a big sister.

Alice Phua said...

From the 3rd situation, it's obvious Hao is looking for some one to manja with. :-D

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