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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back pain

When I was young, I always heard my mom or grand mother complaining having back pain, especially after they had carried something heavy. I was still a teenager. At that time, having back ache seems like not something happen to me very frequently.

The last time I had terrible back ache, was when I was pregnant with Hao. I was around 8 months pregnant during that time. It was a Saturday and we were getting ready to travel to Malacca for a short trip with my parents and my brother family. Lynn was 2 years old that time. She was much attached to me, and even more when I was pregnant. She always demanded me to carry her. So that morning, she asked to be carried again. It was my mistake actually. I thought just for a while, I did not squat down before carrying her. I just bend down and when I wanted to lift her up, *OUCH!!!* I felt a sharp burning sensation on my back! I shouted in pain, and put her down immediately. For a while, I couldn't move at all. Just stood there letting the pain go off. I could hardly walk. But I thought it would go off soon so I did not think much about it. Just continue to load the stuff into the car and then we set off to Malacca.

During the car ride, the pain did not go away. In fact, it was getting worse. When we stopped the car for toilet break, I had difficulty getting down from the car to bring Lynn to the toilet. I could hardly walk too. Every movement would cause me in great pain. I consider myself have very high tolerance on the pain, still could not take it. It was very very very painful. Much much more painful than giving birth. :(

After taking our lunch in Malacca, we decided to pay a visit to the doctor. We went to one of the hospital in the town. Seeing my big tummy, at first the nurses thought I'm going to deliver! LOL! The doctor checked my blood pressure and my back. He prescribed me panadol as pain killer. He mentioned that it is safe for me to take the panadol. He also gave me some patches to put on my back, to relief the pain. Could not remember the name now. I did not take the panadol but I did put on the patch. The patch did help a lot. Still painful, but at least I could move around. Night time sleeping was another night mare. I could not get up alone without help, to go to the toilet. I could not turn my body too. Every movement was a great pain. It was a restless night.

Could not remember how long I suffered from that back pain. But Lynn did not ask for carry anymore after that. She knew I was in pain. She would say "Mama pain pain".

Few months back, I experienced some back pain too. During that time, I had coffee almost every working day. So I tried to cut down the coffee intake, and the back pain would go away. Since then, I limit myself to maximum of 3 cups of coffee a week. Usually I only consume 2 cups per week.

For the past one month, consistently I'm having back pain almost everyday. At first I thought maybe due to coffee. However despite I stop taking coffee for the whole week, the pain did not go away. I also tried putting a small pillow under my back when I sleep at night, but it did not help much this time (this method used to work well for me before this). It is not very pain, still bearable, but VERY annoying. I can feel the pain most of the time, whether I am walking, sitting, or even sleeping. I'm not sure is it due to carrying Hao? He is getting heavier now. However I don't really carry him much nowadays. Not even more than 5 minutes. A short hug and carry when I pick up the kids at my parents house (Hao will sure ask for carry, except if he's sitting in the high chair having his dinner), carry him to the car seat and carry him to switch off the lights. I don't carry him when we are outside shopping etc. Usually hb is the one (only if Hao asks for carry). I don't really think carry Hao is the reason. Then what is the reason causing the back pain? Sigh. No idea. Maybe it is due to the stress from work? *Shrug* Going for a body check-up this weekend. Hope to find some clue there.

Wishing you all a great weekend!   


smallkucing said...

maybe twisted a muscle or what? Try go to chinese tabib and see.

prince n princess mum said...

Oh! I hate back pain, too!~

vialentino said...

better take care of ur back ok! dun pray pray...

mNhL said...

Occasionally I also have backache. MIL said maybe due to confinement time I did not lie down properly. But mine is still bearable la.

Hope nothing serious on you.

Mummy to QiQi said...

dear, just to be safe, u can ask yur doctor to check if there is a "ku chi" (duri) on your bone.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, some years back I suffered a horrible back pain. When I sit down, I cannot stand up straight away, have to be a hunchback few feet, then slowly come straight.
Needless to say it was embarrassing,
and going to bed, getting up was sheer agony....suffered about a years, tried everything, short of calling for a Sarawak Bomoh....

Then a German lady friend of ours told me, "Lee, try taking Vit E".
I did, and Holy Smoke, less than 3 weeks, I actually unconsciously walked upright after sitting wife exclaimed, " can staighten up, no pain'? I didn't even realize that...

Maybe you check it out....
but avoid carrying is, can be very painful. I know. Lee.

Oliveoylz said...

What did the doctor say? Hope it will go away as quickly as it came. May be an idea to get a back massage or see a chinese physician if the pain persists.

Zooropa said...

We have to take care of our backbone 'coz once it's injured the pain will re-visit from time to time. Maybe you've muscle pain in your back, seek for a doc's help is better anyway.

Don't carry your Hao (if possible) for time being to avoid the seriousness in pain. Hope you'll be better soon :-)


Alice Law said...

Hello Chee Ye,, I'm back from MIA!

Shall I HIGH 5 with you... I'm also suffering from the same back pain now, it's really troublesome and making me quite moody recently!T-T

My mom blame me for not taking good care of my health during confinement, I'm not so sure about that... I stop carrying heavy loads, I even try not to carry lil bro so often... poor boy!:(

Wish you can get to the root of the problem and share it here over the blog, I'm looking forward!^-^

Have a nice day! Wishing you the best!
p/s: Wonder Uncle lee's method would work for me... hrm...

cheeyee said...

Small Kucing - Hmm not sure get twisted or not. Don't think so lor.

Prince n princess mum - Ya, very uncomfortable.

vialentino - Yes need to take care of it.

mNhL - The pain is bearable. But annoying as it is always there.

Mummy to QiQi - I hope is not the duri... that one is scary.

Uncle Lee - Wow, I know how painful is that. It was exactly what I had suffered when I hurt my back muscle from carrying Lynn on that incident. Vit E? Hmm, I stop taking it after the supply finish. I will get back the supply and see if it helps. Thanks!

Olive - Doctor suspected it's due to muscle pain. But if I want, she will suggest me to go for Orthopedic.

Zooropa - I think I will try taking Vit E before seeking doctor's help.

Alice Law - Oh no, you have the same problem too?! I still carry Hao, but only for a short while, like turning off the light. Or to cross the street (hb will carry Lynn who is much heavier). I will try the Vit E and see if it helps.

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