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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dinosaur, A Boy and Mommy

Lynn likes to draw. At first, she started with drawing "sausage", long long sausage. Lynn loves to eat sausage. :) Not sure because of this reason or it is just simply easy to draw. Hehehe. Then I taught her to draw flower. Now I don't see her drawing sausage anymore, but she still draws flowers. She will draw the flowers and let Hao colors the flower. Last week when I went to pick up the kids at my parents house after work, Lynn showed me her drawings, and asked me to write her name on it.

She told me this is a dinosaur. Blue dinosaur.

This is a boy. 

Upon seeing this, I asked her to draw a girl too. I have seen her drawing a girl with beautiful eye lashes. But she refused to draw me a girl now. So I asked her to draw mommy instead. So this is "me".

Mommy with red and green hands! LOL! 

She said mommy is holding a green handbag (Actually I don't have any green handbag! LOL). I asked her where is mommy's hair. She said mommy has no hair! o_O Alright at least the face is orange and not blue face (like the dinosaur). LOL!

Thinking of enrolling her into art class. Her kindy has this Da Vinci Arts class. The fee is RM100 per month, or RM270 for 3 months. For her age, will be more focus on coloring, in different tone, using crayon and water color. Drawing will be depends on the child. Sounds expensive. But I heard from others it is usually somewhere around this price. Do you think I should enrol her? Or wait till her get a bit older, maybe next year? She is 4 years old now.


smallkucing said...

4 yrs old no harm to enroll her in it. One month how many lesson? why not try one month 1st and see the result.

Or else you could sit with her to guide her...but kinda hard since you have to take care of your son also

Alice Law said...

I like the 2nd picture, it's really nice... remind me of Wall-E!^-^

Wow... the price has really gone up, I still remember I used to charge RM10 monthly per student(15 yrs back, lol). It depends, regardless of age, as long as she is interested it's never too early to indulge her in art! my 2 cents!:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

cleffairy said...

*pengsan* Mummy no hair? Aisehhh, Lynn oh, Lynn!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, very nice. All kids love to draw, and some grown to become architects, or painters, artists.

My son when very young loves to draw aeroplanes when aged 5....
Today he is an Aerospace Engineer as well a Robotics Engineer with a well known US plane manufacturer.
When ge graduated from U, 7 large US plane companies chased after him to work for them.

So, encourage, motivate your kids in their drawings....never can tell their future may start from their drawings.
Best regards, Lee.

mNhL said...

I have the same headache like you. I'm also not sure if I should enroll my boy into art classes since he loves to draw. But I've yet to find out the charges around my area. I think 4 y.o should be quite ok since they can understand simple instruction. Most important is the kid are interested.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Nice drawings! If you can afford then why not? :) Maybe can try for a month or one session if they allow, and Lynn is interested.
Otherwise, it will also be fun to just draw here and there whenever her inspiration comes. :)

Zooropa said...

I won't send kids to any arts class 'coz I believe drawing/paintings are from one's natural imagination, it'll just become "fake" when they got the "instructions" by someone according his/her own skills. Anyway, that's only my thought :-)


Alice Phua said...

Hahaha...I can't help smiling when I saw the picture of you that she drew! About enrolling in art class, well, no harm, can try it out if you can afford it, and then see how it goes.

Oliveoylz said...

Oh...that's a yummy mummy she drew:) That's a priceless pic. Must frame it up! Art class is good, if the kid enjoys builds their abstract imagination too...I'd say...go for it!

prince n princess mum said...


Wonderful Life said...

nice drawings! well done girl.

wow... RM100 per month for art class?? so expensive? no harm letting her joining... at least can learn some skills :)

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