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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Nen nen"

The kids are referring "milk" to the fresh milk that they drink everyday, and when Hao wants me to nurse him, he will say "nen nen".

About 2 weeks ago, we transferred Hao from sleeping in the baby cot to a small mattress on the floor next to hb. Lynn was lying on the mattress together with Hao. It was bed time soon. Then I saw Lynn lifted up her t-shirt and offered to Hao "Hao, do you want nen nen? Jie jie gives you nen nen want or not?" *FAINT*

Hao was looking at Lynn. Then looked at her chest. He looked puzzled - jie jie really got nen nen? LOL! He was just keep on looking at her, did not do anything. :P

Then later that night, Lynn asked nen nen from me. Long time ago when Hao was still on full bm, I did ask Lynn want or not and she said no. So I was surprised that now she asked me to nurse her. I did not give. A little tempted but I also worry do I need to go through another weaning process with her? She's a more demanding child as compared to Hao. Hao can sleep by himself without being nurse, but not Lynn when she was still a baby before weaning. After that day, Lynn asked me again one more time. Luckily she did not insist that I must give her.

Last weekend, we went to Mid Valley to celebrate my niece birthday. I took the chance to go to Jusco to do some shopping. Lynn was with me. Hb took Hao with him to watch tv at the Electrical section while waiting for us. We were at the lingerie section. Then I heard Lynn saying this "Mommy, I like this pink nen nen. Mommy buy this pink nen nen."

I was like OMG!!! And then I realized, she was referring the bra as nen nen too!

Later when we were back home, I was hanging the clothes after the laundry was done. The kids were playing at the side. Hao saw this bra lying inside the laundry basket waiting to be hang. "Nen nen", said Hao.

Oh no!!! He is also referring the bra as nen nen???!!! Alright, TIME TO TEACH THEM THE PROPER TERM!!!


smallkucing said...

*pengsan* J pointing to "birdie" la

Zooropa said...

Hahaha... I guess that must be Lynn the little teacher's work :-)


mNhL said... is such a caring sister. Offering milk to Hao...but *faint*. hahaha

My son was also very curious when he saw bra...and asked me what is that? haha

Oliveoylz said...

Hahahahaha...such a funny post...can't stop laughing at your kids nen-nen talk...and hor...Lynn offering Hao milk? hahahha. Her maternal instincts are kicking in:)

Broccoli Ginger said...

Hahaha.... I am having some 'nen-nen' issue too lately... My girl can't stop asking for it whenever she sees me.. seems like having Alzheimer already nursed her.. after a while asking for it again....*pengsan!
But my boy knows what's bra.. hahaha.. this is really hilarious! made my day!

prince n princess mum said...

haha.. pink nen nen...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, ha ha ha....hopefully he doesn't start pointing at busty sure are fun, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

thanks Cheeyee, I know i came here before, gosh, forgive me..
btw, what will your kids call that if we do not wear the nen nen (bra)? lol...

cheeyee said...

smallkucing - LOL !

Zooropa - Not entirely. I do refer bm as nen nen. :D

mNhL - At least he asks you. Hahaha!

Olive - She loves imitate me... she always play "mommy n daddy" with the boy... calling herself mommy and Hao is the daddy..... LOL!

Broccoli Ginger - Hehehe ur daughter miss u so much. :D

prince n princess mum - Yalor, *faint*

Uncle Lee - Hahaha! Hopefully not. Haven't seen him doing that yet. :D

Claire - Also nen nen lor. :)

Alice Law said...

LOL! It's hilarious!!! Thanks for the laughter... oh yes, I personally think it's good if they would say the proper term.:)

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