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Friday, September 10, 2010

Buying shoes for kids

This morning, when I send the kids to school, Lynn told me "Mama, the Hello Kitty shoe is getting smaller, need to give to mei mei". Lynn has a cousin who is 1 year younger than her and we always pass down clothes that Lynn cannot fit to her.

At her age now, the rate she outgrows her shoe is very fast. Her first baby shoes last for less than half a year. And subsequently every 3-4 months we need to get a new pair of shoe for her. Thus it is important to get a good shoe for her growing feet. This can be tough because of the variety of cartoon characters and design that decorate kids' shoes, kids may want that particular shoe due to the cartoon character but the design may not be the best for their growing feet. The design of the shoe itself can make a big difference to how kids feet  develop, and choosing the right shoe can make a difference in later life as far as foot problems are concerned. Backless or slip-on shoes are only limited to going to school as they need to take off the shoe. Other time whenever we go out, the kids will wear sneakers. Since they like to run and jump, I always get those sneakers or walking shoe with flat soles. Especially Hao who likes to kick off the shoes, wearing sneaker can prevent him from kicking off his shoes.

Unlike adult, the main reason for replacing kids' shoes is that the kids outgrow them. Thus to me high quality and long lasting shoes are not as important as a shoe that give better comfort, protection and support for all-day wear. I will check if the soles of the shoes are thick enough to protect, yet flexible enough for walking. And make sure the depth of the grooves is deep enough for better traction. I usually just buy one pair of shoe for each of them for all occasion since they outgrow from it very fast. The boy is still fine but the shoe may not always match with Lynn's outfit all the time especially some of her dresses. I think it is time to get her a pair of smart fitted shoe for more formal occasions. And this video is a good reference on how to fit buckle-up shoes for girls.

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