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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sports Day

Although Lynn has been with this child care for about 2 years, but this is her very first Sports day! And first sports day for Hao too. Actually both of them are not going to the same place - Lynn is at the kindy, while Hao is with the infant and toddler group (from 2 months to 3 yers old). But both places are very close, just 3 mins drive from each other. Both are under same principal, so most of the events are combined event for both sides, and mostly held at the kindy compound, which is called Yellow House.

For the whole month of August, the teachers are busy preparing the children for the Sports day. Teaching them marching, singing the national anthem, playing all sorts of games. The Sports day falls on August 27, Friday. Since I'm not working in Selangor, it was not a holiday for us. I took leave for that day. But due to the need of getting ready for an important event on the following day, hb did not take leave. So he missed the kids first Sports day.

I reached there very early. And manage to snap some pictures before the event started.

Program for the day

Chairs for the parents.

Presents for the children.
Teachers getting ready the children before the event started. All children are requested to wear white pant. The blue color t-shirt is provided. To be return to the school after that.

Field where the sports events will be held.
Marching in - 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2.... It was drizzling in the morning. Luckily it stopped right before the event started. And the sun decided to continue hiding behind the cloud. So it was a good weather that morning!
Gymnastic Senior

Maching Fruits - This is a team event for 2 years old. 

Scooping Ping Pong Ball - individual event for 2 years old. Watch the video to find out how Hao performs in this event. :)

Wooden Round Board - Actually these 2 kids are just 1 and half years old. They have to put the wooden sticks on the board.
Jack and Jill - team event for 3 years old

Where is my shoe? - Individual event for 4 years old. Lynn the turtle was not able to wear her shoes as fast as her friends. :D 
Gymnastic Junior - Can you spot where is Lynn? :)
Threading beads - Individual event for 3 years old. 
Kangaroo Hop (5 years old)
Bean Bag Speed (6 years old) - The bean bags were placed some distance away. The children suppose to run to collect the bean bags and place them on the basket at the starting line. After finish collecting all bean bags, take the basket and run to the finishing line.
Father's Race - They have to walk to the finishing line with the balloon.
There were few events that I missed to take the picture. I was actually helping out on that day by holding the finishing line. That explains why all pictures were taken from same angle. :D

Children waiting for their presents. All children will get at least one present. I would say the school has been very generous on the presents. Let's see what did Lynn and Hao get. :)
Hao got this water tumbler and snack box with the Pooh sling bag. This is from winning the Scooping Ping Pong Ball event. Hao was so happy and he wants to use this water tumbler immediately. Because Lynn's water tumbler is something like this.
This is what Hao got from the Matching Fruits team event.
This is what Lynn got from her team event. 
I got something too! As a token of appreciation for helping out, even just holding the finishing line. :D
Everyone enjoy themselves on that day, especially the children. And I enjoy watching the Scooping Ping Pong Ball video clip again and again! :D


reanaclaire said...

Yes, keep the video clips.. when they are older, they will appreciate all these memorable then..

smallkucing said...

wow..if you didnt say gymnastic, i thought it's cheerleading :P

Alice Law said...

What a joyful day for your and the kids! I must agree that the school is really generous on the gifts and token, its compound is spacious too!

I'm sorry... fail to view Hao's video clip, he must be having lots of fun! Happy for you all, have a beautiful Sunday!^-^

Zooropa said...

I can imagine that you must be as excited as the kids (or even more, hahaha...). I think I must try my best to attend my little guy's sports day too next time!


vialentino said...

wah...this is fun...

prince n princess mum said...

It's definately a fun day!~

mNhL said...

this is real fun. a good experience for both kids.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, love the pics here, all candid shots. Very nice.
As I have lost touch with Malaysia, its always nice to see pictures like yours, more so looking at surroundings too.
Been away too long, ha ha.
Nice presents and gifts too. Bet the kids enjoyed themselves. I love their uniforms....
The father's race must have been fun too.
Have a pleasant week, Lee.

cheeyee said...

claire - Haha yes, I agree with you!

smallkucing - Hahaha, it's the finishing post. :)

Alice Law - The kindy itself is a bungalow building.

Dora - Yeah, I was very excited. And it's fun seeing all children participate in all events!

cheeyee said...

vialentino - Yes it was fun. :)

prince n princess mum - Yep, we all had a good time. :)

mNhL - Yes, good experience for the kids! I think not so much about the games, but more on mommy is there with them!

Uncle Lee - Glad you enjoy the pictures. Yes kids enjoyed themselves a lot. Me too. :)

Broccoli Ginger said...

:) Hao is the 1st in the ping pong game. :) so cute! haha.. i love watching that video too!

cheeyee said...

Broccoli Ginger - Hehe, winning the 1st place was something unexpected to me. Glad that I managed to capture such memorable moment on that day. :)

Oliveoylz said...

What an exciting sports day for the kids and all! I love attending such kiddy events!

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