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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jealous? Or possessive?

Wherever we go, eat dinner at parents' house or outside in the restaurant or walking in the mall, most of the time Lynn will say

"Mommy I want to sit with you"
"Mommy I want to hold your hand"

"Mommy sit here (point at the chair next to her)". 

She will definitely choose her beloved MOMMY. The only time she wants papa is to ask papa to carry her. Hahaha.

How about didi? This boy usually won't choose or maybe still don't know that he can choose. He's fine with either papa or mama.


Back at home......

"Mommy I want you to switch on the light for me."

"Mommy I want you to go down take for me."

"Mommy I want you to take."

"Mommy I want you to sleep with me."

"Mommy I want you......"

She's not saying please, because all those things she can do it herself but instead she wants me to do for her. I think, this is her way of feeling me loving her if I fulfill her requests. 


It was a lazy Sunday morning; me and hb were lying lazily on our bed. Lynn climbed up our bed to join us, lying between both of us. Hao saw it and came up too. Hb caught Lynn and hugged her tightly.
"No no, boy boy friend and boy boy friend. Girl girl friend and girl girl friend. Papa with Hao. Me with mommy."

"No, boy and girl. Not boy and boy and girl and girl." Papa said.

Whenever hb hugs me...
"No, papa you cannot marry my mommy. Only me can marry my mommy.
 Not sure where she get the idea hugging = getting married? LOL!
"But Papa and mama already married." Papa said.

"Cannot. You cannot marry my mommy." 
 And then she will try to push papa away from me. LOL!

Oh my dear Lynn, whether mommy sits with you or not, whether mommy holds your hand or not, whether mommy do things for you or not, mommy always loves you!


Small Kucing said...

u just wait till she grow up a bit more then you will miss it LOL

Alice Law said...

I see, Lynn is really clingy to you! How sweet~!

I agree with Small Kucing that these are the most precious and luxurious moments for you, as even I myself didn't get these priviledges from Juan Juan! She always deviates her attention to Ah Po if she failed to get mine(since her Ah Po spoils her a lot)...:)

Have a nice day!

reanaclaire said...

treasure her possessiveness! hahaha.. i miss my girl doing that!

cheeyee said...

Smallkucing, Alice Law and Claire - Hahaha I'm not complaining! I'm enjoying! In fact, papa is the one complaining and asking Lynn why don't she sit with him. Why everything mommy. LOL!

prince n princess mum said...

So clingy!~ Manja-nya..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, you got a very smart and cute kid there.
Give her couple more years, she's going to say, "when I grow up I want to be beautiful like you, mummy'.
Have fun....Lee.

Montessorimum said...

Same la...I need to split into four in order to please all of them.

When dine out..everyone wants to sit beside me..of course the priority has been reserved for two younger ones...

Going out..I have baby in the hand carry JL and the other hand..both the elder ones fight to hold..

cleffairy said...

Hahaha... siblings rivalry!

cheeyee said...

prince n princess mum - Haha yeah girl usually more manja... :)

Uncle Lee - LOL! I think she will be more beautiful than me. :) Have a nice day!

Montessorimum - Haha wish can clone more of us hor.

Cleffairy - LOL!

Anonymous said...

@montessorimum- waaah *faint*. but its good to be centre of attention. later when they grow up and hv gf/bf, cham lor.

cheeyee- heheh. she sound so cute. daddy must feel frustrated. you know all my siblings close to mummy more, my dad also get jealous. mwahahaha

Oliveoylz said...

Hahaha...she's at the cute phase of "mummy only belongs to me, no one else" fine day, she'll chuckle when she reads this blog and discovers, once upon a time, she was "married" to mommy! LOL!

cheeyee said...

goldflower86 - Hehehe I think most children are closer to the mommy because usually mommy is the one take care of them.

Olive - LOL!

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