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Monday, November 29, 2010

Reading eBook

Hb gave me a smart phone recently for my last year's birthday present. Yes for last year birthday even though it came one year later. LOL! Alright won't talk much about why it came one year later, back to this smart phone. First thing I install is an eBook reader app.

There are lots of free ebook readers app out there. I got the one with more free fiction ebooks for the readers. Hehehe. I just don't feel worth it to pay USD$5-10 for an ebook. Not to mention some are even cost more than $10. I rather buy the paper copy from BookXcess with much cheaper price and more selections. Hehehe. Alright back to eBook reader, after comparing a few, finally I decided to install Kobo ebook app  on my phone. And right after register an account, I download one fiction book to read (will blog about this book in another post).

I have few ebooks in PDF format but I never complete reading any one of them. Why? Because whenever I open it subsequently, it always back to page 1. Zzzz.... Don't expect me to remember which page I stop reading previously. And sometimes I may need to leave my place halfway when reading. Upon returning, I have to search through the whole page to search where I stop. So after few attempts, I just gave up.

However reading ebook from smart phone is totally different experience. First there is bookmark. And it will always open back the same page where I stop last. As compared monitor screen size and smart phone screen size, obviously it is easier to look for the paragraph where I stop last much easier. Most cases, I will finish reading the whole page before I stop because it won't take you much time to finish a page (the screen is so much smaller). Some readers come with dictionaries feature, so you can check out those new words easily. Some come with night reading mode. You can also set the font to be bigger or small size. You can also read more than one ebook at the same time and switching them as you like to. More important, I can read whenever I go without carrying a book with me! I can read when I'm waiting for my food to come at the restaurant, in the car during traffic jam if I'm not the one who drive etc. Basically I can make use of the waiting time to read. But the down side is, the phone battery run out very fast if I keep on reading non-stop. Hehehe. But so far can last until I finish reading the whole book. Anyway, I'm happy to find another source of reading without spending money. ^_^

Btw, even if you don't have any smart phone or iPad or other ebook readers like Kindle, you still can install most ebook reader application on your desktop and read the eBook from your PC too! Some ebooks are in PDF format where you can read without the ebook reader. Some only available in the specific format for that you need to reader for it. So if you want to get some free books to read, you can always install the ebook reader app on your PC and download the ebooks to read. Some you can just read from the website too without having to install the app. But then you have to stay online to read. Most of the ebook reader apps are free. You only pay for buying the ebooks. Since it's free, you can always give it a try and get a free ebook to read. I have not tried install one on my PC at home so I can't share on this part. But if you don't like it, you can always just uninstall it.

My colleague asked me "How come you are not playing games on your phone?" Oh I have no interest on the games. I prefer to read! And yes, I'm still reading the paperback books the old-fashion way! I still enjoy reading the "real" books. :) I have bought quite a few books from BookXcess and BBWS recently. I definitely want to read all of them. Btw reading eBook from phone can be very addictive, even more addictive than  reading paperback. Because since it's not a physical book, I won't realize how much I have read and how much more to go. I will just continue reading and reading, until I did not realize it's been hours since I have started reading. LOL! eBook is another way that I can read anytime and anywhere. And I wish there are more fiction books available as free ebooks! :D

Happy reading!


Small Kucing said...

didnt know Iphone can do that LOL. Me betul katak bawah tempurung

Uncle Lee said...

Hi CheeYee, good for you reading a lot.
Nothing like reading....helps to relax as well being enlightened.

You have fun and keep well, Lee.

Oliveoylz said...

Hubs bought you the perfect bday gift! For a book lover like you... ebook is heaven sent! Happy reading:)

prince n princess mum said...

Good to read... And ebook is perfectly environment friendly!~ Great!

cheeyee said...

Small Kucing - Now when I search for it, I notice there are so many eBook readers exist in the market. It's like reading eBook is the trend now.

Uncle Lee - Reading can be very addictive too. Lots of time I have to hold the urge to start reading a book because I know once I have started, it will be difficult to stop. Hehehe.

Olive - Yes, perfect bday gift! :D

prince n princess mum - Environment friendly... yes. But I still like read the paperback books. :)

Alice Law said...

I would think reading E book through smart phone is an awesome choice(specially for busy mommy that assigned with 2 or more rascals)! Don't need to carry the bulky hard copy, it's environmental friendly and most important it doesn't cost much!

How i wish i could have one, I would prefer the one with dictionary feature. Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day!^-^

cleffairy said...

You need ebooks? Let me know, ya... I got quite a few in my ebook library. =d

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Actually eBook can be expensive too. Average it is around US$10 or more, almost same price as buying a paper back book. Just that I only choose to read those free one. :P

Cleffairy - Haha thanks for the offer. Let me finish what I'm reading first. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha. actually almost all ebook i want, i can find it online and download . so all free. if u want book, i hv lots! let m e know if you wan any book, maybe i hv it in my collection:D

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