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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Having fun with Scratch Art

Saw this scratch art pack when I was browsing at the stationery shop nearby office during lunch time. Not too expensive (it costs RM3.90 for a pack). So decided to buy it for Lynn.

This curious girl can’t wait to start working on it. The pack come with 1 stencil, 1 scratching art card, 1 wooden stick and a brush. I chose a flower picture as Lynn likes flower.

Place the stencil on the scratch paper. I used cellophane tape to secure the position of the stencil.


Use the provided wooden stick to scratch on the empty area to reveal the colors. When done, clean the drawing by using the provided brush.

Ta-da! Done! Lynn enjoys working on it very much. :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple Craft

Bought some simple craft books from Popular Book Shop. This one is about making animals.

Just need to cut the shape out from the book.

Fold the cow and glue the black patches into the cow’s body.

Done! Lynn posing with the cow (without me asking her to do so). :D

We did the peacock on another day. Again, she posed without me asking her to do so!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeds himself

All these while whenever we are eating together I have to delay taking my food as I have to feed Hao first (kids always cannot wait for their food!). Not anymore. At 20 months old, Hao can feed himself now. I did not train him on purpose. But about some time back I noticed he wants to hold the spoon and feed himself. So I scooped the food and place it on his bowl, he would take the spoon and feed himself. He tried to scoop the food himself too but with no much success. Oh yes, unlike Lynn, Hao is a clean eater. He won’t mess up the place very much. 

Recently I noticed he is getting better in scooping the food using the spoon. Last Sunday, I let him eats the rice by himself. He scooped the rice slowly, and then brought the food to his mouth carefully. He repeated this again and again until he finished all the rice in his bowl. What surprised me most is he did it without wasting much food! There is little rice on the table and the floor. He dropped some on his pant but he picked up that rice and eats too. So it was an easy cleaning! Totally opposite of Lynn! But what actually made me happy most is Hao can eat by himself! Lynn can eat by herself before her reaching 2 years old. As Hao is a less independent child compared to Lynn, I was actually expecting he can do this much later. So I am very happy with his achievement. Now I can enjoy my food together with everyone (of course still keeping an eye on Hao) during meal time! ^_^

Concentrate on scooping the rice with the spoon. Had to remind him to turn over his spoon. :)

Bringing the food to his mouth. Trying his best not to drop the food.


Mission complete! Yum yum!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playground Fun

The kids went to the playground with my parents, my brother and his 2yo++ daughter. Hao's very first experience on the slides. The kids were having so much fun playing the slides. They were not bored repeating the same thing again and again. And they were so happy that they refused to leave!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Theme Park Fun

Finally got the photos from my brother. Finally got some time to write about this. :) Took the kids to the Sunway Lagoon theme park on the last day of month of January. We went there because we got this complimentary entrance tickets to All parks from my cousins. She gave us 6 adults and 3 children tickets, for my parents, my bro family and us to go enjoy the theme park. Actually 2 children tickets are sufficient as Hao is free. Can’t remember when was my last trip to Sunway Lagoon. Definitely was before getting married. I did not realize the ticket price have gone up so much until I check out their rates. Despite the expensive tickets price, it was quite crowded at the theme park on that day.

It was the first time Hao going to a theme park and second time for Lynn (took her to those rides in the Genting Indoor Theme Park when she was about one and a half years old). Despite first time for Hao, he enjoyed the rides very much and even refused to come down when it stopped! But after about 3 rides, he stopped making complain and allow us to carry him. Probably now he got the idea everyone must leave when it stopped. :D

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-10-07)Group photo right after the entrance

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-28-50)

Our first ride. Can’t recall the name. But nothing great about it. The cup is just spinning around.

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-35-48)

Hao in his ladybugs costume. :D

Sunway Lagoon 001

Hao enjoying his first Merry-Go-Round. I love this pic. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 11-51-14)

Lynn was having fun time too. :)

Sunway Lagoon 007

Hao was taking the ride with Gong Gong. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 13-21-21)

The kids were a bit scare of this ride. Guess they were not feeling comfortable surrounded by water. Survival instinct. :)

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 15-05-59)

Both of them were afraid to slide down by themselves. Again, due to the water.So mommy got to help them. :D

Sunway Lagoon (2010-01-31 15-38-28)

Relaxing herself at the water. The kids enjoy this part most. As they get to play and splash the water as much as they want. :)

In summary, it was a fun trip. We were so tired and all get tanned after exposed to sun for few hours. Luckily Lynn did not make much fuss when we wanted to leave as I bribed her with ice cream. Hehehe! So after we all bathed and changed, I took the kids to Sunway Shopping Mall for McDonald’s Sundae ice cream and burger. :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Follow the dotted line

Sorry for have not been posting for quite a while. Tight up with work after the CNY break. Got urgent and important issue that require our immediate attention. Hope able to get it over soon.

This year, Lynn enters Kindy Year 1. She needs to wear uniform to school, and have homework on every Friday on some writing and reading work. I always like to ask what she has done in the school. While she was still in the playschool, she used to tell me the song that she sing (she won't know the name but she will try sing for me), any dance, coloring etc. But this year, she gives me different answer.

Me: Lynn, what did you learn in the school today. What have you done?
Lynn: Follow the dotted line.
Me: Follow the dotted line?
Lynn: Yes, follow the dotted line.
Me: So, what did you write or draw? ABC?
Lynn: Yes, ABC. (To her, ABC means the letter.)
Me: Which letter that you write? B? C?
Lynn: Yes, ABC.
Me: Is it A, B or C? Or D? Which one?
Lynn: Err, ABC.
OK, she won't be able to tell me which letter. Hahaha!


Me: Lynn, what did you learn in the school today?
Lynn: Follow the dotted line.
Me: Follow the dotted line again.
Lynn: Yes, follow the dotted line.
Me: Did you do coloring in school?
Lynn: Yes, got color.
Me: What did you color? What picture?
Lynn: Err.. I color yellow. And Itomi Manami color blue.
Itomi and Manami are her friends. She always mentioned them to us. Hehehe.


Me: Lynn, what did you learn in the school today? What did you write?
Try to be more specific on my question hoping she can give better answer now.
Lynn: Follow the dotted line.
Me: ..............
Me: Hmm what did you write? D? 123?
Lynn: Err.. 4!
Me: Oh you write number 4 today?
Lynn: Yes, 4. I write number 4 today!


Lynn came to greet us when we went to pick up she and Hao at my parents house.
Me: How is your school today?
Lynn: Follow the dotted line.
Lynn: Today I write Big D and small D.
Ooh, not bad. Seems like knowing what I want to know. Hahaha!
Me: Oh you learn to write Big D and small D.
Lynn: Yes, and color also. I color yellow. I like yellow.
Me: Do you like green?
Lynn: Yes I like green.
Me: Do you like blue?
Lynn: Yes I like blue. I like orange also.
Me: Then what color you don't like. Brown?
Lynn: I don't like green.
Me: Ei? Just now you said you like green?
Lynn: Yes I like green.
Huh? Mommy is confused now! LOL!
Oh yeah, she did not mention her favorite pink! Hahahaha!

According to the teacher, they are going to do all writing by following the dotted line until about April. Thus to Lynn, probably besides coloring everything is follow the dotted line! LOL!

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