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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hao at 2 years 8 months old

My "good"+"nottie"+"fatty"+"sexy" boy!


99.9% of those who has met him personally will say this "Wah, he looks like angmoh."

This boy of mine, unlike me, hb and his sister, all three of us our hair color is very black, but this boy has blonde hair! His hair is fine and smooth also, made me so jealous! He also has rosy pink cheek. Hb said if I comb his hair very neat, he really looks like an angmoh boy!

I think boy is really a boy. Hao likes to jump around, run around and climb around. And he still likes to be carried, always ask me to carry him.

Beginning of this year, he has stopped using milk bottle totally. At home I never give him milk bottle. Since 18 months when I started to give him fresh milk, he's always been using the cup to drink. Only at child care he will use milk bottle. However at child care, all children at age 3 will not be given milk bottle. So now I can throw his milk bottle away. :) I also have stopped bf him 4 months ago. So he is fully on fresh milk now. 

Hao is an easy child especially when come to food. He's not very choosy, as long as the food is easy for him to chew, he will wallop everything. This boy can really eat. As long as there is food still available on the table, he won't stop asking for it. As he is not a very talkative child, he pays full attention on his food. He can finish half bowl of rice, plus the meat and vegetables so it's about one full bowl of food. Sometimes he will still ask for more. Not much change on his preference on food. He still loves butter, cheese, bread, rice, yogurt, ice cream and biscuit. But I notice he does not like jelly. He's gaining weight, getting bigger in size, rounder face, and almost going to have double chin. Sometimes I like to tease him "fatty boy". Hahahaha! He looks so sexy if I let him wear shorts that very short and fit. And I like to pat his buttock. LOL! So sometimes I call him "sexy" boy. :) The last time I weight him few months back, he's about 15kg. Can't remember what his height is though. It should be between 90-100cm, but I can't remember the exact number.

Hao has very different character as compared to Lynn, but they have common thing too - stubborn. And Hao is the more stubborn one. Being hard on him usually does not work very well with him. I have to be soft to him, and persuade him until he's willing to corporate with me. Sometimes I walk away and return to persuade him 5-10 minutes later, and sometimes I need to repeat this several times before he gives in. Sometimes I use Lynn to trick him as he likes to imitate the sister. Playing ignore is not that effective to him as compared to Lynn.

Hao still pretty much a cry baby at this stage, which annoy hb very much. This maybe also related to he cannot express himself very well yet. His speech development maybe slower than his peer. Sometimes we could not grab what he's talking about too. And he's also not a talkative child. Many times I have to encourage him to speak up and answer me. On the opposite, Lynn is talking too much. Hao can speak English, Mandarin and little Cantonese.

Besides can eat by himself, Hao can wear and take off the shoe by himself, wear the clothes by himself with some assist, can take off and wear the pants by himself, know when need to go toilet, willing to sleep by himself without me (together with Lynn on the same room). When I shower him, he started to show sign want to shower by himself. He would like to apply the shampoo to his hair himself, and will ask for body shampoo for his body too. However he will give up quite easily. Like he wants to button by himself, but after a short while (like one minute or maybe less) if he still can't, he will give up and tell me "I can't" and want me to button for him. Maybe he's the last born; he is less initiative and give up easily. He's a child who needs lots of encouragement. Or maybe he is too well taken care by Lynn, until we have to ask Lynn to stop doing things for him, let him learn to do by himself. Because sometimes Hao will get annoyed with Lynn on helping him also. Not sure what's in his mind, but recently lots of time he rejects Lynn helping him, he wants me instead.

This boy, despite Lynn always share food with him, always share the toys with him, lots of time he refuse to share his food, and share the toy with her. He even not willing to share his food with me! I'm still working hard on this part.

Hao is a very friendly child, especially to adult. Sometimes I think he's too friendly. When we go to the regular shop to buy groceries, even though it is his first time meeting the Bangladesh or Pakistan workers there, he won't be shy to greet them, or even go hug them! *FAINT* Sometimes I feel so worry that he may follow any stranger to go home. However, he scares of crowd. When we go shopping mall, seeing lots of people walking around, Hao always ask me to carry him as if he panic seeing so many people.

Hao is going to be 3 years old in 4 months time. I won't say he's giving me a "terrific 2" or "terrible 2". He's not a 100% good boy all the time. But I won't say he's very naughty also. There are times that I do get mad at him, but there also lots of times that he made me smile. He gives me a totally new challenge. Not sure why, I get less irritated with Hao. Of course I will be firm with him when I need to. I treat both children equally. I love both of them. 

p/s: Boy I really wish you can learn sharing and be more loving to your sister!

(Ops, did not realize such a long post. Did not feel like I have so much to talk or write about. >.< )


reanaclaire said...

Yes, he indeed looks very handsome and adorable!

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha, mother can talk non-stop about their children. :))

Alice Law said...

*Let's give Hao a tight hug!

So leng Zhai, lei cam ler... next time yours house sure patronized by a lot of leng mui mui!>_<

Good to eat a lot, I think a lot of mommies are getting jealous already! LOL! Don't limit his intake, just get him workout on sports or outdoor games, he will definitely grows very tough and handsome(looking forward)! Paiseh, Juan only 14 kg... Xuan worst, barely 10kg.:p

I always love sociable child(don't worry too much), it's one of the biggest advantage when he joins the society!

Keep well and take care!

Zooropa said...

haha... reading this post almost reflecting at my monkey XJ!

Sometimes he drives me crazy like wanna beat him hard hard (but I nvr do tht) whereas he makes me so in love to him & kiss him hard hard (which I always do tht, hehehe)

If there's opportunity I also want to see Hao, see how "angmoh" he is :-)


cleffairy said...

He have auburn hair lah... not blonde... blonde is gold colour.... his is fiery auburn.... very cantik... aiyo... ur boboy so hansem....too bad i tarak dotter, else hao will be my calon SIL liao! LMAO!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, you got a good looking boy there.....
And when he grows up...
he may love his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.
Have a nice day.

Alice Phua said...

I'm so jealous Hao has good appetite and is not choosy about food. And boy, he is indeed heavy for his age! My boy is only 1 mth older than Hao but his weight is only 12+kg.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Hao is 1.5 size of my boys!!! You must have put in lots of effort to bring up your kids :)

mNhL said...

wah....handsome Hao!

Sounds like a very easy kid to handle. He is not choosy on food too. No wonder grows up very well. hehehe...mummy well fed.

Yee Ling said...

It's good your boy is not choosy over foods unlike my elder girl. At times, really pulling hair**thinking of what food to cook for her.

cheeyee said...

Claire - Thanks for your compliment. :)

Broccoli Ginger - You are right. hehe. :)

Alice Law - Can you imagine, Hao was less than 10kg when he was 1 years old? So no worry about Ah Xuan. He will catch up very soon. :) Btw, last time doc gives me a tips, let the children take more butter, olive oil and cheese. These food help them gain weight.

cheeyee said...

Dora - Hehe my this boy always give me sweet smile, which is why I seldom get mad at him.

Cleffairy - Make a siu long lui, and she will be my future dil. LOL!

Uncle Lee - Yeah, I hope he will still love me after he got his other half. Hahaha!

Alice Phua - Don't worry, still young. Their appetite will change. :)

cheeyee said...

Mummy to QiQi - Shame to say I did not really put in much effort to bring up the kids. But we pretty much treat them as an adult.

mNhL - Yes, I feel blessed that Hao is an easy kid. :)

Yee Ling - My gal is the choosy one too. But I usually don't care much. Force her to eat what we are eating. Bad mommy here. Hahahaha.

Oliveoylz said...

He's a handsome "angmoh-kia". He's very linguistic too at such a tender young age...3 languages is amazing!

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