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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What helps healing my back pain

Since mid of last year, I always complain about back pain. It was not due to coffee, it was not due to I twisted my back, it was not due to carrying Hao. I did not go to see any doctor. But Uncle Lee's comment did remind me that - I do stop taking Vitamin E for a while during that time. So after I resume taking Vitamin E, it really does help reduce my back pain. Then the back pain does not bother me much, until recently.

This time, the back pain is worse than last year. Again, it is not due to coffee, not due to I twisted my back, not due to carrying Hao, but due to spending long hours on reading. (Maybe someone wants to say "Padan muka". LOL! ) And this time, I found something that help reducing my back pain.

Not sure what do you call this? I heard some people call it "washing board". I actually wanted to get one of this long time ago. I asked my mom to get one for me from morning market since last year but she said no more selling. My father has been using it for quite some time and he said it is good for him. Right before CNY, I saw he got a new one at home. So I asked him to get one for me too. However instead of getting a new one for me (he said that one is a gift from his friend), he gave me his old one which is the one showing in the picture above. Maybe it looks ugly to you, but this special "washing board" is handmade by my father, using recycle materials from my old reading table (my old reading table, was handmade by my father also). My father is a real DIY person. He's not a carpenter, but he can make many things from scratch. From reading table, wall cabinet, display cabinet, to the gate, grill etc. Many things at my parents house, handmade by my father.

Alright, back to this "washing board". What you need to do, is to stand on it, with perfect posture. Your leg and your back has to be very straight. At the beginning, you will feel your calves are pain as they are being stretched, until you get used to it. The more steep is the board, the more difficult to stand straight on it. Every day, I spend 15 minutes standing on it. Even just 15 minutes, it makes my whole body sweat a lot. And after stepping down, I can feel a relief on my back muscle and my calves. I used to have leg pain, so I do a lot of leg stretching too. Standing on this "washing board" definitely helps a lot. And let me tell you, no matter how pain my back is, by standing there 15 minutes just for one day, I can feel the different - No more back pain for next few days! It's like an instant cure to me. But once I stopped using it for a short while, and my back pain coming back to me! So cannot be lazy. Hehe.

I heard from my father, standing on this "washing board" is a very good exercise especially for the elders. I think it helps the blood circulation of our body. It is not very costly too. So do consider this especially if you have back pain problem like me. :)

P/S: Sorry for my silence during these few weeks, something has happened so I was a little depressed for a while. Thing is not fully settled yet but I'm feeling much better. Thanks to those (you know who you are) who care about me and trying to help. Thank you very much!


Small Kucing said...

like that ah? I didnt know.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Chee Yee, maybe you should have continued taking that vitamin E. I could hardly walk after sitting down before when I had my back pain. I had to bend and walk few minutes, and the pain was excruciating, but after couple of months it eased off. I continued, and today no more problems.

Yes, back pain is horrible. I really suffered too.
You better not carry any heavy stuff or bend too much.
See a doctor or a specialist about it.
It can be maybe some other causes. Check it out.

Hope you get better soon.
Best regards. Lee.

Alice Law said...

INTERESTING solution!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't get it, how does it work?! 1st of all, love your handy man father, he is so thoughtful and awesomely cool for able to build many things!

Continue... Wait! You mean you just need to stand on it(like standing on a paddle, toes face up) for 15 mins then you get rid of your back pain?!! I think it's FABULOUS!! IMPRESSIVE! If this can heal my backache(I have seen specialist and he gave me the same advices as Lee did, you know we can't really rest), I'm gonna be so so grateful and happy!

Thank you for sharing! Glad you feel better now, keep well and all the best!

p/s: Re Shogun, yah, the sashimi is fresh and tasty! That day, I walloped the largest amount of fresh salmon I ever consumed!;p

Umaiya?! Damansara perdana? Does they offer buffet, we love jap buffet!^-^

Broccoli Ginger said...

Simple and yet very useful! At first I was wondering what is this for? :) Thanks for sharing and hope you get better very soon. :) take care.

Alice Phua said...

Wow, never knew this 'alat' is such a fast relief for backache! THanks for sharing and do take care of your back.

mNhL said...

Something new to me! Glad that the 'washing board' help ! I do have backache too (occasionally). Din know vit E cure backache too.

Your dad is really a handy many.. hehe....

Oliveoylz said...

Good to hear that this method helps to relief you from your backache. It's a very special method indeed! Thanks for sharing:) You're so lucky to have such a handy daddy around!

prince n princess mum said...

This is interesting and good to know.. Mayb I should try it, too!

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