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Friday, July 29, 2011

Removing Stitches

After the accident, Lynn was behaving well for quite a while. I did not let her go to school. Doctor said we should not touch the wound, and keep it dry at all time before removing the stitches. She should not do any sports for now too. We know most children are very curious. Instead of worrying her friends at school may want to touch her wound, pushing around while playing etc, I do not want to burden the teacher to look after her at school. So before removing the stitches, I took leave to stay at home with Lynn. She was very good girl for that few days. We spent some time watching TV in the morning, then I made sure she took a nap in the afternoon after lunch. She complained her hand was pain from the needle. So I did not really get her to do any writing. Just want her to relax and rest at home. She also did not touch the wound as being told by the doctor. (But for that week only! *facepalm*)

Soon 5 days had past and I needed to take her back to hospital to remove the stitches. We reached there slightly past 9am but the parking lots were full already. I parked at the side, waited for more than 30minutes for a parking lot. Since we were not waiting for seeing doctor, we did not need to wait long for getting the stitches to be removed.

I took a picture after the nurse had removed the plaster, but before removing the stitches

Lynn cried seeing the nurse holding a scissor. After the stitches were removed, the nurse put a new plaster on it. And this one she said let it comes off by itself. The plaster is water proof too so less worry when washing her hair.

The wound bled a bit after the stitches were removed. But there is no infection. She told me it is not pain anymore. Her next appointment with the plastic surgical clinic is January next year. Lynn has back to school as usual, but I still refrains her from joining the sports activities until her wound is fully healed. Until today the plaster still has not come off yet.

Many thanks for everyone concern! I do hope her wound is fully healed soon.


Broccoli Ginger said...

the wound is quite long... painful to see.. :( Hope she will recover fast and no scar.

Small Kucing said...

omsgh...the cut is so long. Happy to hear that it's healing fine

Uncle Lee said...

Hi CheeYee, regret read of Lynn's accident. Glad she is okay. Holy Smoke! That was a bad fall.
Poor girl, I can imagine she frightened out of her wits and her mom too.

Tell her a friend from Canada wishes her 'get well soon'.
Best regards.

Oliveoylz said...

Good to hear that Lynn's wound is healing properly. A very wise move to keep her at home and to drop all physical activities for now. A long stitch there...really heartache seing her wound. Take care, both of you.

Cynthia said...

it's a long stitch there!!! oh, hope Lynn had a speedy recovery on the wound and leave no mark! Take care..

Alice Law said...

Oh dear... the wound is so big, heart wrenching seeing it... hope it won't leave obvious scar, all the best!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Lynn is such a brave girl. Its really A BIG CUT :(

Hope she would forget about the whole incident very soon. poor baby. Send my hugs to her ya..

cheeyee said...

Broccoli Ginger - Thanks. I think hard to have no scar at all.

Small kucing - Yeah very long cut. And deep also!

Uncle Lee - Thanks. And yeah she freaked me out.

Olive - Thanks. Yeah heartache to see the wound.

cheeyee said...

Cynthia - I think it is hard to have no scar at all. I have stitches when I was about Lynn's age too. But not as bad as hers. It leaves a pale pink line.

Alice Law - Thanks and I hope so!

Mummy to QiQi - I don't think she will forget and I hope she won't forget. So that she won't do it again!

Alice Phua said...

Heal fast , Lynn!

Yee Ling said...

oh dear..the cut is long**sam tung** Speedy recovery,Lynn.

cheeyee said...

Alice Phua - Thanks!

Yee Ling - Ya very long cut. And thanks for the concern!

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