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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big sister and little brother

This year Hao is going to turn 4. It'll be first year for him going to kindy, and last year for the girl. And both Lynn and Hao will be attending the same kindy. While it may be good that having a big sister around, but is it really good for the boy?

Lynn no doubt is a very caring sister. With her independent character, she can take care of others very well. Since she was 3 years old, she has been helping me taking care of her little brother here. When I started Hao with the semi solid food, Lynn always wanted to help feed the brother. In fact, she almost like wanted to take over all my responsibilities taking care of Hao, except she could not breastfeeding him. She can help change the clothes for the boy; she can wear the socks for him; wear his shoe for him; button his clothes for him; serve him food as they so used to sharing the food; pour milk for him; when we go out she would help me keep an eye for the boy, hold his hand; and lately she even help me to bath the boy!

I should be proud for her. I am. Except that, Lynn was so used to taking care of her little brother here, she has forgotten that he's no longer a baby; that he needs to learn to do things by himself too! Lots of time, me and hb have to keep on reminding Lynn, stop helping Hao, let him do it by himself.

And how about Hao? He was so used to having "helper" around, he prefer choose the easier way to ask for help, than try harder himself. Lots of time, me and hb have to remind him he's no longer a baby. Lots of time, me and hb have to refuse his request to help him, forcing him to try first. Lots of time, me and hb have to stop Lynn from helping him too.
Not only Hao, Lynn likes to take care of her cousin sister too. My niece also is in the same kindy with her. I was told that, when my father went to pick up my niece, Lynn would help to carry her bag to the door, then go to the shoe rack take the cousin's shoe and put nicely on the floor, ready for her to put on the shoe. While I think it's good that she's such a caring sister, but she is also taking away the chance for the younger kids to learn to grow up and be more independent.

So before the school reopen, we have been telling Lynn not to do things for the brother at school. Earlier in the afternoon, I called up kindy and asked how they doing. The teacher told me, during breakfast, Lynn carried Hao to sit on her lap to eat. While Hao did not really want to sit on her lap to eat, but she insisted the brother to sit on her lap. *Slap forehead* I always eat together with the kids, but such thing never happen to us! I really wonder is she treating her brother really like a baby? *shaking head* Anyway, I'm glad the teacher did not allow such thing to happen. They are also sharing the same thought with me that, the boy should not become too attach with the sister.

I feel blessed having such caring daughter. I would not reprimand her for taking good care or helping her little brother there. She's my great helper. But I will explain to her the importance of letting the brother to learn and grow up by himself. Just like how she learn it in the past.


cleffairy said...

Alamak... she's mothering Hao! *slaps forehead*

Cynthia said...

such a sweet and caring cheh cheh.. hope she understands the need to let her brother do things on his own and she 'supervise' instead of 'helping'..

Alice Law said...

She is such an angel, I wish my girl cld learn frm her!

No prob for Hao, eventually he has to do things on his own, can not manja manja liao... as he can only be pampered for another year.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Hmm.... Lynn is a caring person. Don't mind giving others her assistance. Lovely personality :) I think you just need to keep reminding her.

Yee Ling said...

Oohh...she is such a sweet girl. You really have been bringing up the kids so well.

Happy New Year, Chee Yee!!

Small Kucing said... when i wanna carry hao home she cried mah :p

Mummy to QiQi said...

everyone always say it is good to have the eldest child for girl coz they do good sister. But because i wasn't a good one myself, i kinda feel very happy to see qiqi takes care of her brothers :)

Zooropa said...

Lynn is a sweet caring girl, she must be always surrounded with friends. Happy New Year to you & your family :-)


prince n princess mum said...

Sweet siblings!

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