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Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplot Simply Good Meal with Chef Wan

Many thanks to Cleffairy for her invitation so that I can attend the Simplot Simply Good Meal Cooking Workshop with Chef Wan last Saturday. And also thank you very much to Little Sprout's papa for letting me follow their car considering last Saturday was a big day thus the traffic was not in our usual condition as other normal Saturday.

The workshop was held in BSH Home Appliances (Bosch) in Bangsar as a venue sponsor. Ah I was drooling at the appliances displayed there. The mixer, build in oven, build in coffee maker etc. How I wish I have a kitchen like this at home!

Since this workshop was brought to us by Simplot, thus the main focus of the day was on the launch of its new products, frozen Hashbrown and Popcorn Hashbrown. The frozen hashbrown and popcorn hashbrown are made from premium potatoes, with no cholesterol, no artifical flavors, no added preservatives and no artificial coloring. So it's definitely safe to serve to our children. If you have eaten the hashbrown from McDonald's big breakfast, it's actually Simplot product.

The other main ingredients used are Leggo's products. Very convenient especially for us to cook at home.

First dish of the day - Minestrone Beefball Soup with Simplot Hashbrown Popcorn. Love the herbs, chunk of vegetables, with the meat and the potato, a complete meal for us and our little ones!

Next we have Baked Seafood Casserole with Simplot Hashbrown. Alright, some of you know that I'm not a cheese or milk person. If possible I will not touch them at all. But let me tell you, despite cheese and milk are being used in this recipe, but sweet taste from the seafood is not being overwhelmed by the white sauce and the cheese! It's simply delicious and this actually is my favorite dish of all!

Third one we have Greek Moussaka. It's a bit like lasagna but instead of layering with the pasta, this one is layering the meat sauce with the Hashbrowns, fried eggplants, white sauce and cheese. Again, I walloped all except giving away the cheese topping to Mama Little Sprouts. :) How can I resist not to taste and finish up the food cooked by Chef Wan? It's so delicious that it's simply irresistible! Hb actually regretted did not follow me to go that day. Hehehe.

Last dish of the day - Simplot Hashbrown Potato and Shrimp Pancake. A dish that consists of eggs, vegetable (bean sprouts), prawn, potato and fresh herbs. Simple to make, delicious to taste and yet healthy for the whole family!

A group photo with Chef Wan.

Wish I have something for him to sign! Sigh. Well, at least I get to take a photograph with him. Chef Wan is fun and friendly. It's an enjoyable experience to attend his cooking workshop. :)

After eating and eating, we get to take some goodies home too! The organizers are very generous on the goodies bag for us. :)

I learn a lot that day. All the while I just fried the hasbrown and eat it plain with the ketchup. Now I know besides fried, it also can be baked, grilled and can be served as mains or side dishes. Thank you very much Simplot and Chef Wan for teaching us those wonderful recipes!


Mummy to QiQi said...

you must be very lucky to be able to attend such a good cook demo. Me too, i tot harsh brown is meant to be eaten just like that!

Alice Law said...

Wah, u even took the trouble to compile the photos and made a step by step scrapbook. Awesome job man, the organizer shld pay u for the effort!;D

cleffairy said...

The baked seafood casserole is nice, eh? I had more than one helping. LOL... usually I dun like to eat things with lotsa onions in it, but this one is an exception. Love all the food there that day, and I even curi curi makan the pancake even though there's beansprouts in it. >.< couldn't resist.

Oliveoylz said...

What a wonderful experience! I'm definitely going to look out for Simplot and Leggo's products!

Small Kucing said...

wahhhh so nice.. wish i was there too

Yee Ling said...

Awesome!! As u said just fry and eat it too. But after looking at all these delish dishes¸ I shud not just waste the hash brown..hehhhee

prince n princess mum said...

I also thought only can fried... haha!~

cheeyee said...

Mummy to QiQi - Yeah I feel very happy get to go for such event. Now we learn new way of eating hashbrown. :)

Alice Law - Aiya took so many photos already, must show la. :p

Cleffairy - Yeah the food is super yummy!

cheeyee said...

Olive - I love their hashbrown. Very crispy after frying. :)

Small Kucing - Yalor, wish you were there with us.

Yee Ling - Yeah use your HCP and do some magic on it. :p

prince n princess mum - Yalor. But now we know there are other ways too. :)

Caca said...

you are so lucky to be able to have a meeting session with the chef celebrity. Looking forward to see your cooking using the ingredietns from the goodies.

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